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How Can GRCs Help Your Company’s Remote Workers? A Quick Guide

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The pandemic of 2020 opened up the opportunity for businesses across the world to offer their workers remote working options, either permanently or part-time with some days in the office.

However, this may mean that your remote workers don’t get the benefits that they may get in the workplace, which extends far beyond them having access to vending machines! When they’re at home, they’ll still need access to some of your company’s more sensitive documents, so you’ll likely need to have some software in place to protect them against cyber hackers, which is an area that, unfortunately, is spreading to remote workers.

So, if you have Government, Risk & Compliance (GRC) software, how can this help to protect your company’s information in relation to remote workers?

Easier Communication

The GRC software that’s available from websites such as will often include additional features which will enable your remote workers to have seamless communication and collaboration with your teams that are in the office. Many of these software packages offer the ability for real-time messaging, document sharing, task assignment, and of course, progress tracking to make sure that your remote workers are actually doing their job. This will help them to stay connected and work together with your team to achieve deadlines and goals, despite them not physically being in the office.

Documentation Access

When you hire remote workers, the chances are that you won’t actually have them come into the office to sign paperwork, and this will be completed online. GRC software will allow you to share your compliance documentation, your procedures, and your company policies in a digital format without needing to be concerned about cyber hacking. All your remote workers will be able to easily access these bits of information from anywhere in the world, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date information about what’s expected of them from your company.

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Risk Management

As mentioned before, cyberhackers are now targeting remote workers, as they are seen as easier targets to get access to company information. GRC tools will allow your remote workers to report and manage these risks more effectively, whether it’s related to operational issues, data privacy, or cyber security. This will allow your in-office team managers to assess the risks, address them promptly, and decide which steps to take next, thus helping to keep everything secure.

Data Protection

Personal devices that are used for remote work don’t have the security features built into them that may come with office computers. So, by allowing your remote workers access to GRC software, this will protect them and their own personal data against potential cybersecurity risks. GRC software will also allow multi-factor authentication and encryption, which will help also to keep your sensitive company information protected, even if it’s accessed by workers remotely.

In short, your information will be safe. If you have any concerns about it being illegally accessed by third parties, you’ll be able to track who was responsible, even if they’re working remotely.

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