Businesses Fight Against Racism


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The sole essence of a business venture is to solve at least one particular problem that is faced in any society. So, in that light, they offer their services, extend their products, and share their innovations all for a better and problem-free world.

A major concern and abnormality that has thrived in this world for decades is Racism. When the word racism pops up, the first thought that comes to mind is most likely white people hating on black-skinned people. And it is not totally wrong. According to the Oxford dictionary, racism is “the belief that one race or group of races is superior or inferior to another race or group of races.” Another one is “prejudice or discrimination based upon race. These definitions provide that it is not only the white man that is racist towards the black man. The African man can be racist to another African man as well, if he’s not of the same race. Tribalism also borrows from this definition, saying there is a soft spot that is specifically reserved for an individual of the same tribe.

In this article, racism and tribalism are warped together into one, so that whenever ‘racism’ appears within a context, it speaks of both home and abroad. That is, racism and tribalism.

There is a major need to educate the public on an issue of grave importance as this one. Therefore, it is only imperative that ventures with platforms lend their voices and educate the world to take actions against the gruesome practice of hating and killing fellow humans because of the difference in skin pigmentation, or the difference in the language of communication. Businesses, as they are founded to help solve problems, can sensitize the public with their platforms and also ensure they steer clear of racial discrimination.

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In the growth scheme of a large percentage of businesses, reaching a wider audience and having some sort of universal recognition is inclusive. A business on the lookout to reaching a universal audience does not streamline its services or products only to a certain race. Carving a niche and standing on existing protocols do not affect the interaction of products up for sale and services rendered by a company with its audience based on their race, or skin pigmentation. Universal involves the whole world, therefore a country that limits a particular race can’t reach the world. With the goal of creating a better environment for business, racism should be fought against and done away with.

For the sake of world peace and the development of inter-racial relationships among races, a business should take on the responsibility of setting an exemplary pace by disregarding the need to leave a qualified individual from another race only to take on a less qualified individual from the same race. Racial discrimination has allowed the stereotype that ‘the average white man is much more intelligent than the average black man’ lives longer than it should. Having to hold back on employing a certain individual with adequate qualifications because of his race adds one more to the number of hate-filled unemployed victims of racism. For an entrepreneur, part of reaching a wider audience, growing, solving a problem is also ensuring that more problems than already exist are not caused.

Isn’t that enough reason to fight with the voice that your business has and eradicate one too many issues in existence. On the profitable side, it won’t take long before the world points at your service or products, cheer victoriously for your act of sensitization, and check-in with you.

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So, a person doesn’t have to be held at gunpoint before its oppressor is considered racist. If as a business, there’s an air of superiority that hovers around you that makes you believe you’re better than someone because of an advantage you have over them, then you’re racist. To help is better than to go on about your privileges. If a business practices and thrives on tribal bigotry, then there’s no other way to look at it other than racism. You are terribly racist if as an entrepreneur you think you have to make a person be at your mercy just so you could feel superior. You are racist as a business owner if you think hurting someone makes you more powerful. Everyone should be treated with kindness. That’s how you get powerful. That’s how the world should run.

A business venture or an entrepreneur who lives by these racist behaviors and more is not helping to promote world peace. However, the good thing is, it’s not too late to make a change. Be the change you want to see.

These aren’t universal acts to change the world or, in this case, bring racism to its death. Instead, they are little truths that businesses and entrepreneurs have to be open to so the world can be a better place. Start with the little you can. Lend that voice and fight for the right cause. Treat everyone with kindness, and also teach others to do the same. Little by little, the world will be a better place, and racism will be done and over with.

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Can businesses and entrepreneurs help lead the fight against racism?

Should businesses and entrepreneurs get involved in the fight against racism?

What should businesses and entrepreneurs do to help?

Kindly ask your questions, share your opinion, or give advice on how businesses and entrepreneurs can help the world win the fight against this enemy of global peace and progress called racism.

You can add your comment using the comment box below.

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