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Hannah Olanike Owolabi is an entrepreneur,  a passionate skincare formulator, and a consultant. She is the founder of Nikky’ann Organics, a natural skincare brand. She is a Microbiologist who is open to acquiring knowledge for progressive living. Hannah enjoys researching and writing about lifestyle.

Skincare formulator, Hannah Olanike OwolabiAccording to Hannah Olanike, her business Nikky’ann Organics is a natural skincare brand that renders both products and services within and outside Nigeria. Hannah said Products of Nikky’ann Organics are precisely formulated on request in order to meet clients’ specific skin needs.

Below is an exclusive interview conducted with her via the Rindx Business Interview platform:

  • Question: What is your background? Education, Work Experience.

Hannah: I studied Microbiology at Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba, Ondo state (AAUA). Coupled with some Certifications in Introductory and Advanced Skincare Formulation. And I currently work as a natural skincare formulator and consultant.

  • Question: What inspired you to get into this line of business?

Hannah: Skin challenges inspired me to become a skincare formulator and consultant. It all started when I was faced with some skin challenges as a teenager and an undergraduate with hopes of getting a suitable regimen which failed me anyway. So, the inspiration for making my own skincare products with a full understanding of my skin type popped up.

  • Question: How long have you been in this business or other businesses?

Hannah: I have been in quite a number of businesses since the year 2013, I was into Fabric Designing, Ankara Bags and Shoe Making, and Catering.

What I do at the moment is Natural Skincare Formulation which I practically began at the year 2017 as a DIYer (Doing It Yourself) then took it further to launch my brand on the 15th of March this year 2020 after a couple of certifications in Natural Skincare Formulation.

  • Question: How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?
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Hannah: I was doing offline marketing at the beginning of my business and it is quite limiting, I have now added online marketing to a targeted audience over time and this combination has really been helpful to an extent. But from experience, I can say that online marketing combined with captions of positive reviews from clients has been convincing enough to be more productive.

  • Question: How do you generate new ideas for your business?

Hannah: I do this with the awareness and consciousness that there are millions of problems out there to find solutions to. So, with consistent research and study, it has been quite easy to generate new ideas.

I believe one just needs to have a quiet time with lots of critical and creative reasoning, and ideas will flow in often. The most important thing to note is understanding what I do and why I am doing it, makes it much easier.

  • Question: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Hannah: Really this is that moment when I get reviews on how my products and services have changed lives in not just within my country but also in places like UK, Poland, Japan, and other countries by solving varieties of clients skin challenges and knowing that I am the sole formulator of the products gladdens my heart and it’s definitely the most satisfying moment for me.

  • Question: How do you define success?

Hannah:  Actually, success to me is the ability to recognize or spot a problem or specific challenge and find a lasting solution to it. It’s that simple, and it varies depending on one’s capability or hearty sacrifice yielding a positive result.

  • Question: What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest their time in?
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Hannah:  The need for self-education cannot be overemphasized in the entrepreneurial world. So, I’d say as an entrepreneur, it is important to give time to self-development through personal research and study.

As we all know the world is advancing rapidly and ancient practices are of course becoming outdated. So, taking online paid or free certification courses in your business field would be beneficial.

  • Question: What piece of advice would you give to fresh graduates or other people who want to become entrepreneurs?

Hannah:  Self-realization is key, as this will, first of all, help you in defining what it is you really can do best to make the world a better place for not just yourself or direct relatives but most importantly the populace. Because it will be a big flop if you major your minor and then minor your major, not been able to deliver fully in your field of choice.

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  1. Thank you Nikky’annorganics for my skin formula. I now have a natural glowing skin, and I am in love with it. What more should we be expecting from you?

  2. She said and I quote ” Actually, success to me is the ability to recognize or spot a problem or specific challenge and find a lasting solution to it.” Ever since I’ve been using Nikky’ann organics, my skin; my life has changed for better… Nikky’ann organics is indeed a blessing.

  3. Wow, I really love Nikki’s organic , it keeps you glowing every time . Ño side effects at all. My gf , my mom, and siblings use Nikki’s product’s. Keep it up dear, more grease to your elbow. God bless

  4. Nikky’ann organics to the world,
    Tested and trusted. Am really inspired especially with your definition of success. Keep winning and succeeding in this your chosen field.

  5. Nikky ann organics has made My skin to know no better yesterday instead I glow day in day out as a result of my constant skin care routine via Nikky ann skin care products.
    Now I can bodly say
    *I AM ME*

  6. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your product is . I have tried other ‘organic’ types and yours by far is the best. It keeps me dry all day long, even with our humidity lately. I think it’s the combination of all the ingredients that makes it perfect! Anyway, The good thing about this is that it does moisturize my skin fairly well. I have never experienced this
    This stuff is amazing! . Highly recommend!
    I just wanted you to know. I love all your products!!

  7. Wow, I am really inspired by your definition of success, and I have always seen your determination in finding solutions to problems and solving them. Since I have started using Nikky’anns organics, my skin has been popping and glowing leaving me with a beautiful skin. I strongly recommend Nikky’anns organic for any skin problem you may have. And have it at the back of your mind that consistency gives you the best result.

  8. Nikki’s organic in reason behind my smooth skin. It’s really wonderful. I recommend it to the whole world for usage.

  9. Nikki’s organic is the reason behind my smooth skin. It’s really wonderful. I recommend it to the whole world for usage.

  10. Glowing and having much confidence in my look has not been a problem since I started using Nikky’ann skincare products. You’re a big blessing.

  11. I have known Hannah for years and to be candid she is indeed a goal-getter, zealous, courageous and determined person who always want to better her life and the life of others around her. Her products are natural without artificial formulation and many who have used her product can attest to it. I am here in Europe but can’t wait for her product to get to me even as I am in search of person who will come over because I have seen her product restoring damage skin to a glowing skin. My earnest prayer for you dear is for this business to go international as I have always told you. More wins, wisdom and breakthrough.

  12. Am so glad to see you at d top dearie…the sky is your starting point dear just keep d good work going, I really can’t wait to get Nikky’ann skincare on my skin too

  13. Glowing and shining in resplendence is my hobby, this is why I have made it a duty to ALWAYS patronise Nikky’Ann Organics. She’s an expertise in the field of skin, and this, I can bodly recommend for anyone who wishes to have a beautiful, glowy skin and/or keeping up with a smooth and perfect skin.

    Well-done, ma.

  14. Hello, a friend recommended your product to me.
    Wanna order some for my girlfriend.
    You do delivery out side Abuja?
    Can you get them delivered to Kaduna?

  15. I love nikkyann organics because you always get what you ask for… I’m happy to see this… She’s the bestest skincare plug

  16. She’s the best beauty plug…Kudos to Nikky’ann organics….keep the good work going

  17. Our own Nikkyanne has obviously taken a third eye to look at life by bringing solution out of challenge. You are inspirating to this Generation. Your products also have testimony. Keep on breaking new frontiers.

  18. Our own Nikkyanne has obviously taken a third eye to look at life by bringing solution out of challenge. You are inspiring to this Generation. Your products also have testimony. Keep on breaking new frontiers.

  19. Your skin care product over the month has proven to work it’s wonders on the skin absolutely leaving no blemish … you really have done a great job in finding the right skin formula that brought about this amazing product. Thumbs up Hannah am your number 1 fan

  20. Nikkyanne to the world, self trusted, very protective,productive and effective. Baby girl you advancement is here to stay.

  21. Nikky’ann organic products is the secret behind my perfect glowing skin.
    Her products are tested and trusted with no side effects.
    I must say you are doing well ma’am
    Cheers to greater heights !!!

  22. Super proud of you baby girl. You will go places in Jesus name. I love the results I see from your products, I remembered the hand cream I got from you that cleared my knuckles.

  23. Nikky’ann Organics is the best when it comes to using a good skin care products. It is highly recommended to everyone with a skin challenge because its quality cannot be compared to another, it’s tested and trusted.

  24. Nikky’ann products will always give you the flawless skin you desire, trust me.
    Great Job Ma’am

  25. You have shared some useful information with our readers through your response to the interview questions.

    I am also impressed to see all the positive feedback about your products.

    More wins to you.

    I am proud of you dear.

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