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Complete Guide to Get More Leads on Instagram Ads

Since the beginning of the pandemic, social media platforms like Instagram have been one of the busiest platforms. Many people have started their business over the platform, making Instagram quite an exciting marketing platform.

Yes, Instagram today has successfully converted itself to one of the best platforms in multiple brands’ efforts to get more leads.

You can get valuable information through Instagram regarding customers. Therefore, the best private Instagram viewer apps are a great help to research the customers and the marketplace.

However, there’s no one well-defined way or steps to generate more leads on Instagram ads, and here is the correct article to learn about it.

Well, lead generation via Instagram can be effective if you do it the right way. But, why use the platform for the same? Let’s explore our options!

Why Should You Use Instagram For Lead Generation?

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You can’t ignore that Instagram is one such platform where 90% of its users follow at least one of their favorite brands, highlighting how people are fascinated with the stories that build up their favorite brands. This story-telling social activity also paves the way for people to sell using the platform. Moreover, some 80% of these social media users claim that Instagram, as a platform, has influenced their purchase decisions in one way or another.

Looking at how Instagram has turned the tables for marketing, influencer marketing has also become a leading space for influencer marketing. Every person follows their favorite blogger and uses their recommendations.

So now let’s look into some of how Instagram makes it possible for us to generate leads:

1. Instagram Lead:

The most important way to get more leads on Instagram is through using Instagram lead ads. These lead ads help several marketers get information regarding customers like email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, job titles, etc.

These ads can help businesses at improving their marketing campaigns. However, your Instagram account has to be a business account to create Instagram lead ads. So, you need a Facebook Page for Instagram lead ads.

It is quite natural that the Instagram ads are produced through Facebook’s Ads Manager. So now, if you want to create an Instagram lead, you have to select Lead generation as your marketing objective. In addition, you have to abide by Instagram ad specifications to ensure that your ads run on the platform.

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You can consider including the filling sections because they tempt you to improve the completion rates. Instagram can automatically fill the areas of contact number, email id, gender with the information provided by the customer’s account.

2. Action Buttons:

As we said earlier, you must have an Instagram business account. You should also add action buttons to your profile in order to create a business account.

You can also add links to your email address, phone number, or business address, so your audience can contact you easily.

Instagram offers many options for lead generation such as book, reserve, and get tickets buttons. Only one button will be required for your business.

To add an action button, go through the following steps:

  • First, tap ‘Edit Profile’ on your account’s page.
  • Tap ‘Contact Options.’
  • Click the ‘Add an action button.
  • Click the button and then choose the provider you would like to add.
  • Lastly, add the URL that you use.

3.  Optimize the link in your bio:

For your business account to be successful on Instagram, it is crucial that you use the link space in the bio. This link can be changed at any time.

This link will take the customer to an objective such as a newsletter subscription, product sales or a survey.

Following are a few points to optimize Instagram bio links:

  • The link must be short and include your brand name in it.
  • Put Instagram posts with ‘Link in bio.’
  •  Add a CTA above the link in the bio.

4. A Landing Page that delivers:

Another option to get more leads on Instagram ads is through landing pages. You have to create a landing page that is eye-catching and attractive for the customers.

This landing page must be scannable, produce a seamless visual experience, and create content that vibes well with what the audience is expecting. In addition, the landing page has to deliver the promise made by your call-to-action.

There are several tools to turn feeds into attractive landing pages. There are other brands as well that use links to specific landing pages on their website.

5. “Swipe Up” Feature:

You can embed links on Instagram stories. If you have a lot of followers, let’s say, around 10,000, then you must use this opportunity to your advantage. Did you know that around 1/3rd of the watched Instagram stories are actually from businesses and marketers?

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An Instagram story that a brand has led has a completion rate of 85%. Instagram stories are more effective than an Instagram bio, as people just have to swipe up to look at it. You need a good landing page here if you want to get a hold of potential customers.

How to embed a link to Instagram Stories:

  1. Swipe right from the feed or tap on ‘+’ on your profile picture.
  2. Upload your content.
  3. Embed your link by clicking the chain icon.

6. Tailor Creative around your Goal:

You can create a strong call-to-action for lead generation on Instagram such as ‘shop now,’ ‘click on this link to find out,’ ‘swipe up,’ ‘follow now,’ etc., can work out well when you can match them with the perfect content.

The right visuals and call-to-action would speak on Instagram to make them work to fulfill the objectives. First, you have to entice your followers to open the links on your story, bio, and posts. Then, the final push-button should be your call to action.

You could draw your follower’s attention to your posts through your call-to-action with emoticons. You could use stickers or text to give your audience CTAs directly on your Instagram Stories.

7.  Shoppable content:

Even if you tag products on Instagram, it will not be an excellent way to boost sales. If a tap does not result in a purchase, you can consider a lead generated on a fascinated customer. This sort of information is useless when it comes to witty marketers.

You could use these details to acknowledge what kind of products your audience is interested in and the type of ads for those who tried to get engaged. You have to make your account eligible to post shoppable Instagram posts.

You can use Catalogue Manager or a Facebook Partner to make such posts. After you are connected with the catalog, you have to sign up for Instagram Shopping. Shoppable posts have a clear chance of being showcased in the ‘Explore’ feed with a daily visit of 200 million accounts.

8. Partnering up with an Instagram Influencer:

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We already know the power of Instagram influencers! You can partner up with social media influencers to gain more leads on Instagram ads as an effective strategy. For this, you have to choose an influencer marketing with a strong affinity and a huge number of constant followers.

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With a partnership, you can gain potential leads and customers. In marketing, credibility is pretty important. If you can gain the trust of your followers, they will have the power to gain your leads even if your brand is new. Shortly, users of Instagram can purchase looks from influencers.

9.  Run an Instagram contest:

The most creative way to get more leads on Instagram ads you can try is through a sale, contest, or promotion. For example, you could ask your followers to finish a survey or comment on your post to win some kind of opportunity. You could ask them to tag a few friends, and they could follow up with the same thing to win a prize.

You can partner up with an influencer to make this contest famous and generate more leads. You could also run an exclusive sale on your Instagram business account.

All you need to do is follow up with Instagram’s explanation of creating a sense of urgency and prompt the audience to shop. You will receive more leads when you approach more audiences.

10.  Featuring Popular Products:

You will find this standard tip on Instagram. Shoppers are not ready to buy your product spontaneously. You must check on the Insights tab to get detailed information on the products. Then, you can create popular content daily. You can build customer confidence and produce more ways for them to purchase this way.

Final thoughts on how to get more leads on Instagram:

With that, we have concluded this article. We shortlisted the most effective 10 pointers to get more leads on Instagram ads. Lead generation is the primary objective for any business since it showcases brands to grow and increase their revenue.

To cope with this task, you require the expertise of the channels preferred by your potential clients. For example, more than a billion active users make Instagram an excellent channel for efficient marketing leads every month. Also, Instagram users usually spend around 58 minutes scrolling through Instagram daily and visualize stories for more advertising opportunities.

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