Google launches Search Console Insights Beta

Search Console Insights
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New Google Search Console Insights helps website owners, bloggers, and content creators better understand their content’s performance.

According to Google, Search Console Insights is a new experience created to assist website owners and content creators with improving the performance of content. Search Console Insights does that by making it simple for you to get an outline and supportive experiences on how the content published on your website or blog is performing regardless of whether you’re a blogger or an expert in SEO.

Search Console Insights


Here are 5 ways Search Console Insights can help you as a website owner, blogger, or content creator:

  1. You can easily understand how your newly published content performing.
  2. You can know more about how people discover your content across the web.
  3. You can see what people search for on Google before they found and visit your website or blog.
  4. You can even check the articles that refer users to the content on your website or blog.

Search Console Insights can consolidate information from both Search Console and Google Analytics and help answer questions like:

  • Which of your website pages or blog posts performs best?
  • How is your newly published content performing?
  • What do Google search users look for on Google before they visit your website or blog?

It is easy to get to Search Console Insights, you can simply click here to test the beta version of Search Console Insights.

You can also open Search Console and Select ‘Search Console Insights’ from the top point of Search Console’s Overview page.

To easily access Search Console Insights another time, you can simply add a bookmark to your browser and use it to visit Search Console Insights directly from your browser.

Google also urges you to share what you like or dislike about the beta version with them via a feedback form that pups-up when you click any of the “Share Feedback” buttons at the top or bottom of Search Console Insights page.

Since the current version of the app is the Beta version, your Review of Search Console Insights will assist Google to improve the content performance checking tool.

Learn from Google about Search Console Insights.

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