List of 10 Good Business For Ladies In Nigeria 2021

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Looking for a list of good business for ladies in Nigeria that will not only make you independent but also fulfilled? Then look no further.

This is not a random list of business ideas for ladies. Rindx carried out thorough research and found them worthy of your time and attention. We also make use of ideas provided by different women in business.

The list is made up of businesses that can be done from home, brick, and mortar, and through the internet.

Let’s get started!

List of 6 Good Business For Ladies In Nigeria in 2021

Being a lady in this modern world has gone beyond spending long hours in the kitchen, waiting for meant to bring money to spend home. And yes, you can still do all that when running your own business.

1.  Catering

For a business that requires little or no funds to start in Nigeria, catering is a way to go. If you are also a foodie or love cooking, it’s a good business to start and will always be a good business.

Other than having the passion, there is a couple of success of ladies and women doing well in this business.

2. Fashion Design

The fashion industry in Nigeria may seem saturated, but you can still make something out of it. Compare to other fashion designers who serve a general market you should focus on a specific age group, class, or association.

Another good thing about his business for a lady is that you do not necessarily have to learn fashion designing, there are willingly clothes maker you can outsource to. This way you focus on getting customers when they do the job.

3. Blogging

Are you looking for an online business you can do in Nigeria? Blogging is a profitable online business idea. Yeah, it takes a while to gain traction, but once you get it right there are more than enough methods to generate passive income.

One of those things that make blogging stand out from other good business for ladies in Nigeria is that you can blog on anything. – From parenting, your childhood, divorce, relationship, break-up, and so on.

4. Freelancing

Are you looking for an online business you can do without spending a dime? Freelancing is one of the easiest online jobs you can do in Nigeria. You only need your smartphone or PC and skill(s) to offer.

Also, there are freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork where you find, bid for gigs from clients who are willing to pay you for the value you offer.

5. Agriculture

Agriculture is never going into extinction and as a lady, you can contribute to feeding the nation.

There are more than enough fields in agriculture to tap into, in one of our blog post ” Best Agricultural Business To Start In Nigeria” Rindx discussed the potentials of agriculture in Nigeria and profitable agric business to do.

Other than becoming a farmer, you can act as a broker who looks for buyers for agricultural produce or decide to add value to different agricultural products like maize, snail, rabbit, and so on.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Here is another business you can start from home in Nigeria. Businesses are always looking for sales, leads, and traffic. And that is exactly what affiliate marketing capitalize on, you’d send traffic to these businesses landing pages, an online store with your unique tracking ID, and then get paid for qualifying purchases.

Ina layman language, you make money by promoting other companies or individual products.

7. Consultation

Do you have specialized knowledge, skills, or experience in an industry or niche? You can start your own consultancy business in Nigeria and charge a fee for your service.

One of what makes this business ideal for almost everyone is that you need little or funds to start. With social media and content marketing, you can get searched and seen by your potential customers.

8. Day Care

One word: babies! If you are a kids lover and wondered how you could turn your passion into a money-making venture. There is more than enough proof to justify the profitability of this business in Nigeria.

9. Online Retail

The power of technology has made it possible to sell physical products anywhere in the country. We’ve seen women selling smartwatches, bras, baby supplies, beauty products and so much more using the internet.

And, many are thriving doing so – especially when marketing and branding are done right.

10. Beauty Business

The beauty industry is booming in Nigeria, with lots of ways to break into it. Whether you focus on skincare, haircare, or cosmetics there is enough money to be made.

Which Of The Business Should You Choose?

To be frank with you, all the business idea listed here works and there are more than enough people making waves in those industries. All you need to need to do is have the right strategy to compete, marketing, and make sure you deliver.

It’s worth noting that the profitability of each business depends on factors such as market size, competition, demands for services and products e.t.c


These are quite a few of the good business for ladies in Nigeria that you can do with little or no financial resources.

I hope that this post helps you to find one or two significant business that will get you on track into getting financially independent as a young lady.

However, to make the best out of the businesses listed here you must be ready to invest heavily in marketing, either through the internet or offline marketing.

If any of the businesses listed above does not grab your attention, you can check our blog post on the best home-based business to start making money in Nigeria.

Do you have any questions or contributions on good business for ladies in Nigeria? Kindly make use of the comment box.

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