(Gmail.com) 5 Best Alternatives to Gmail in 2021

Alternatives to Gmail, Gmail.com
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Gmail (Gmail.com) is the email provider that has dominated the email world.

It offers an intuitive interface, virtually unlimited email storage size, spam control, and free access to Google’s wide range of productivity tools. But just like any product, Gmail com is not without flaws and weaknesses.

Some people even have serious concerns about how Google uses the data of Gmail users.

Maybe they consider the popularity of Gmail.com a disadvantage.

If you are interested in Gmail alternatives, you have come to the right place for any reason.

In this article, we will discuss the five best, free and secure alternatives to Gmail.

Alternatives to Gmail, Gmail com

(Gmail.com) 5 Best Alternatives to Gmail

So, you can choose the best email service provider for your unique needs.

Yandex Mail, Gmail com

  1. Yandex.Mail

Yandex.Mail is a Russian free mail service developed by Yandex. Yandex Mail was launched on June 26, 2000, and is one of the three most popular email services in Runet. Yandex.Mail uses automatic spam filtering tools, Dr.Web’s antivirus software, and an email translator to offer secure email service to its users.

  1. Outlook (Email by Microsoft)

Until Gmail came to power, Outlook was probably the most common name in the world of email. Although Outlook is still popular, more people use Gmail than Outlook.

However, Outlook is still a very reliable platform developed by Microsoft. Unlike Gmail, Outlook has an official desktop email application. If you prefer to receive email without logging in to a web application, Outlook is an excellent choice.

It is important to note that while Gmail is exclusively an email service, Outlook is both an email service and an email client. This means that you can use your email address in Outlook, but not the other way around.

Note that Gmail mobile app also works as an Email Client.

  1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is another email company that prides itself on its security methods. It was initially advertised as an email provider that cannot be hacked. So, ProtonMail users can be sure that their data is kept private.

ProtonMail is protected by strict European legislation, and this implies that it can guarantee users’ privacy.

The provider uses end-to-end encryption with zero access to protect your mail, which means that even the ProtonMail cannot read your email messages.

ProtonMail values its users’ privacy to the extent that you can create your email account without disclosing your personal information.

All you need to create a ProtonMail email account is your username and password, as well as an additional email address for recovery.

ProtonMail offers a beta version that is currently available only for paid users.

  1. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is another great option to consider if you are looking for an alternative to Gmail. Zoho Mail is an attractive choice because it offers no ads experience, even for free users.

You also get 5 GB of storage as a free ZohoMail user and access to various Zoho applications like Zoho Website Builder and other productivity apps for your workplace.

In addition, ZohoMail even offers a free plan for small businesses with up to five users. This is an excellent attraction for small business owners who want to host email on one domain.

As a free user, you can upgrade your account to Zoho Mail Lite, Mail Premium, or workplace plans to get additional features and accommodate more people from your team.

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  1. YahooMail

YahooMail was the most popular email provider at some point before Gmail took over.

YahooMail may not be as popular as it used to be, but Yahoo Mail is still a great alternative to Gmail.

One of the attractive aspects of Yahoo Mail is that with its maximum file size for an attachment being limited to 25 MB, YahooMail offers a whopping 1TB of storage for free users.

In addition, you can customize the appearance of Yahoo mail using themes.

Also, Yahoo Mail allows you to manage all your email addresses in one place, use filters, group conversations, view emails by topic, and much more.

With all that said about YahooMail, keep in mind that you will see ads in the free version.

The main features of YahooMail include 1TB of free storage, customization functions, themes, and easy integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Final thoughts on Alternatives to Gmail 

Gmail.com is still the best choice for millions of people; that may be because it is currently the most popular email service provider worldwide, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

If not for any flaw, you might want to explore some alternatives to Gmail to experience some other email platforms.

You might be surprised at how much Google’s competitors have improved their services.

For example, many email service providers offer a similar browser-based interface and a modern design these days.

More importantly, they offer end-to-end encryption and take additional measures to ensure the confidentiality of all your correspondence.


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