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Top 10 Free Email Service Providers for Your Business

Your company might have been able to make a debut in the market, and you need to promote its products or services to stand out from the market. One of the best methods to introduce your small business to the market is through email marketing. Send out messages about the latest happenings within your business using email. In order to do that, you’ll need the help of email providers that give you access to some basic capabilities.

Who Are Email Service Providers?

Simply stated, the term “email service provider” offers you access to essential features needed to send as well as receive email. More than that, a standard service-provider application has a variety of advanced features that can be beneficial for businesses in a variety of ways. These tools help you track the email marketing campaigns you run as well as create templates for email marketing and manage your extensive contact list.

The majority of email providers don’t charge any fees for their essential services, usually enough for small-sized companies. However, they can purchase more expensive services in order to get greater features.

Free Email Providers That Offer Helpful Features for Your Business

  1. Gmail  

Gmail can be described as the most popular and widely-used free email service. It is a product of Google Gmail, and the service gives you 15GB of storage space for email for every account. The process of locating your email messages and chats is simple. Its powerful filtering system enables users to classify their emails in their Inbox and then move them into various folders they prefer. This can help in reducing clutter in your primary Inbox.

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In addition, Gmail gives you a variety of useful services, like Google Docs, where you can invite several people to collaborate. Google Docs comes with Google Hangouts, a chatroom feature, and Google Calendar that you can also make use of as an invitation to send via email to invite guests to an event.

You can also create a custom Gmail address based on your domain’s name. The security features Gmail provides are secure.

  1. Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is another free email service provider that gives you use a range of amazing features to provide an improved user experience. It is accessible for each Android in addition to Android devices.

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Its beneficial features include setting the email in a timer message that will automatically send it in the future. Your email messages are completely protected from viruses as well as messages that have been sent with malicious intent will automatically be discarded the messages into a spam folder. Additionally, all Yandex services are accessible to you via just one account for email.

These are the top free email providers on our list of recommended email providers to help your business. Examine them thoroughly to figure which is the most practical feature that will allow you to manage your business email. Because these are free services that small businesses will initially benefit from, you may be able to purchase additional features when it expands.


Outlook is Microsoft’s browser-based, free email service. It is a rebranded variant of the older name Hotmail. It comes with 15GB of storage space after signing to services for email.

The best thing about this service is the ability to effortlessly connect it to a variety of social media platforms, Skype, and other software. It lets you integrate your important process directly to your account in the email. Additionally, you can access the most powerful categorization and search tools as well as a built-in calendar, threaded messaging, as well as other tools.

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  1. Yahoo! Mail

If you’re in search of an email service that is free with an enormous storage capacity, that is, for example, 1TB, then Yahoo! Mail is the best choice for you. It is among the most dependable services for email and was once the most well-known and also. Furthermore, it allows you to send up to 50 attachment files [or up to 100 MB in total file size] in one email. This is extremely useful for a large number of users.

It is also possible to manage your email content into various folders in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the program includes an integrated sorting feature. Other useful features include integration with social media, including the capability to see images and video files within your email and instant messaging and SMS. The design of your email is simple, clean, and clear.

Additionally, you can make animated GIFs along with email messages to convey your emotions. Additionally, you can manage your email while on the go with the Yahoo! Mail mobile app.

  1. Zoho Mail
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Zoho Mail is an ideal option for users who are looking for many features that allow professionals to work efficiently. They can implement a complicated labeling system and access sophisticated search capabilities. There is a free storage space of 5 GB. This you can extend upon purchasing.

Business owners can benefit from various features, such as Zoho Chat folders, search filters labels, templates for email, and even creating autoresponders. You can also personalize your emails and take greater control when you upgrade your hosting plan.

The e-Discovery procedure allows you to determine your email address immediately, and then you can perform a variety of things, including commenting or sharing files, coordinating tasks, and even tagging your team. Additionally, it allows you to connect your email to Zoho CRM [Customer Relationship Management ] to help you manage your sales.

  1. AOL Mail

AOL Mail provides a cost-free email service offered by American Online, one of the most dependable mail service companies. Those who need a large amount of free space via email accounts can depend on this email service provider.

Along with unlimited storage space, AOL Mail comes loaded with a robust spam filter to ensure your security from malicious intent. AOL Mail also comes with features like the ability to connect the email service with other social media platforms as well as a calendar to create your own work schedule.

The interface for the account is easy and user-friendly via the mobile app.

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  1. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is an email service provided by Apple that can satisfy the essential needs of email users. It is clutter-free and has an easy-to-use interface. Because the provider of the service is Apple, the users enjoy the benefit of email.

Because Apple is the provider of the service and the service provider, iCloud email is a great fit to use with your iPhone mobile device as well as iPad Mail to get optimized service. You can install the service and then integrate it with your phone, and it can also be integrated seamlessly using Macintosh OSX.

For iPhone mobile phones, iCloud Mail is a great option since this service offers 5GB of storage for free, but to increase that, you’ll need to purchase the storage space.

See Also:   How to protect your Facebook Account from Hackers is a great email service that is free to have unlimited storage space when you sign in. You can send 50 MB of files in one email, which is an enormous help when sending numerous documents.

It allows you to access your email service effortlessly using your smartphone. One of its best attributes is that it lets you combine your emails using this service.

However, is famous for its unique feature that lets users utilize hundreds of domain names to an email account. This means that every one of your areas of operation will have a domain name with the same address for the service. For companies, this uniformity of email addresses across domain names creates confidence in your target audience.

  1. GMX

GMX (Global Mail eXchange) is considered to be among the top email service providers. You can connect to it via Webmail POP3 as well as IMAP4 protocols. The service comes with strong SSL encryption to ensure your email messages’ highest level of security. It is equipped with anti-spam filters to ensure your Inbox free of spam and safeguard yourself from any virus threat.

GMX gives access to unlimited storage space that allows you to do your day-to-day tasks with ease when it comes to storage concerns. It is possible to attach files up to 50 MB each when sending an email.

  1. HubSpot Email

One of the unique features of this HubSpot mailer is that it allows you to modify your email in a snap using the drag-and-drop editor. There are also a number of templates ready-to-use, such as template templates for newsletter makers.

HubSpot is a fantastic email service for sending personalized emails to business owners, which they appreciate the most. All your information is safe and secure. You can also send emails to CRM via the software.

Wrapping Up

Companies must send dozens of emails to customers and other people concerned every day. However, they require great free email service providers that provide basic features due to a limited budget. These free email providers are loaded with various features that can help the sending and receiving of business emails quickly and easily.

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