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Forget About Aging Processes with Rejeunesse

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No one has yet escaped the natural aging process. Today’s modern lifestyle sets its own rules, and to succeed in the world of business and career, you need to look not just good, but excellent. Beautiful and well-groomed skin, shiny and healthy hair are important features of a confident person who is ready for action and new achievements.

However, despite all our efforts, after the age of thirty, the first signs of age-related changes begin to appear: the skin loses the necessary moisture and elasticity, fine wrinkles and folds appear, the contours and oval of the face lose their clarity, and the volume and elasticity of the skin deteriorate. In recent years, hyaluronic acid-based injectable fillers have become a real breakthrough in the world of aesthetic medicine.

These properties became the basis for the creation of the Rejeunesse line of gels, produced by the Korean concern Newmedic Co. These versatile, broad-spectrum formulations successfully address a wide range of aesthetic concerns.

One such gel, Rejeunesse Deep, has a visco-elastic consistency and contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid obtained from non-animal biological cultures by fermentation. The low amount of stabilizing agent and the low level of gel reticulation eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions and side effects, providing a soft and supple texture for even penetration into all layers of the skin. This property of the gel has made Rejeunesse filler is a popular choice for intimate plastic surgery. The drug undergoes multiple purifications using UPHEC proprietary technology, which guarantees optimal plasticity and viscosity of the polymer.

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The gel is also resistant to biodegradation and mechanical stress, which provides a long-term result from 12 to 18 months, subject to the recommendations of a cosmetologist. An innovative method for the production of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to obtain a polymer with spherical molecules that form a dense lattice under the skin and in the intercellular space. Acting like a spring, the filler tightens tissues and fills in irregularities and depressions, creating a tonic base for firm and elastic skin.

Rejeunesse filler has the following main indications for use:

  • Smoothing medium and deep wrinkles and folds;
  • Bioreinforcement of the face, neck, and body;
  • Correction of the shape and contour of the lips, increase in volume;
  • Modeling the contours of the face and body;
  • Injection rhinoplasty;
  • Intimate contour plastic;
  • Restoration of the volume of the cheekbones, cheeks, temples and chin, lost due to age-related changes or dramatic weight loss.

The filling procedure begins with an assessment of the degree of damage, taking an anamnesis, checking for contraindications and possible side effects. Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to spot and treat the injection site with an antiseptic solution. The process takes about one hour and ends with applying a cool compress to prevent bruising and swelling at the sites where the needle is inserted into the soft tissues.

Features of Rejeunesse

In general, the Rejeunesse solution has a number of features that make it a highly effective and safe cosmetic product. Firstly, the gel does not cause adverse reactions and does not require a long recovery time. The patient can immediately return to normal life. In rare cases, there may be slight redness, swelling, and slight pain at the injection site, which will disappear within a week.

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Contraindications for using the Rejeunesse

When using the Rejeunesse, there are some contraindications to consider. The drug is not recommended for use in minors, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Also, it is not recommended in the presence of autoimmune diseases, diabetes mellitus, inflammatory and infectious processes on the skin, exacerbation of chronic diseases, fever and general malaise, problems with blood clotting, taking anticoagulants, a tendency to keloids and tissue hypertrophy, an allergic reaction to the components of the drug and in the presence of cancer.

The introduction of the drug into blood vessels, breasts, muscles, ligaments and tendons is also prohibited. Between the procedures of laser or chemical peeling and injection plastic surgery there should be an interval of at least several weeks.

Main properties of Rejeunesse with hyaluronic acid and lidocaine

Rejeunesse is a versatile hyaluronic acid-based filler widely used in cosmetology, including intimate plastic surgery. It contains the optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin – 24 mg/ml. This gel with a plastic monophasic structure is an excellent tool for correcting aesthetic defects of the face and body. The filler has a prolonged action and is evenly distributed within the dermis, providing deep penetration into all layers of the skin.

Benefits of non-surgical procedures using Rejeunesse Deep filler

In recent decades, cosmetology has made tremendous progress, replacing dangerous surgical procedures and toxic drugs with numerous side effects and a long recovery period for minimally invasive procedures based on physiological fillers. These procedures provide a guaranteed result after the first session.

Development of the Rejeunesse line of fillers and their universal application

When creating the Rejeunesse series of fillers, the Korean research group NEWMEDIC set itself the main goal – to develop a universal drug for a wide range of applications with the most natural composition that is safe for the body. The result was an innovative Rejeunesse Deep gel with a visco-elastic structure based on hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 24 mg/ml, obtained by traditional enzyme biosynthesis.

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Thanks to the unique UPHEC technology, which includes multiple cleansing, and a medium degree of reticulation (9%), the gel has a soft and pliable character, which allows it to easily fill all problem areas and evenly distribute throughout the tissue and dermis. The absence of BDDE crosslinker eliminates skin toxicity and guarantees high resistance to biodegradation.

Hyaluronic acid penetrates into every cell and extracellular matrix particle, filling them with the necessary moisture. It supports the structure and volume of tissues, creating a tonic framework for the skin and preventing the penetration of harmful microbes and infections. Sodium hyaluronate is an important component for the life of cells, and its presence contributes to the preservation of cell integrity and proliferation.

Using of Rejeunesse

Rejeunesse filler for lips and other solutions has proven itself in solving the most difficult aesthetic problems. Due to the high level of safety and the absence of allergic reactions, it is widely used in biorevitalization and contouring.

Rejeunesse is indicated for the following treatments:

  • Restoration of volumes and contours in the area of the chin, cheekbones, and temples.
  • Correction of wrinkles of various depths, including nasolabial, interbrow, above the upper lip and on the forehead.
  • Injection rhinoplasty.
  • Lip augmentation.
  • Recovery of “minus-tissue”.
  • Bioreinforcement of soft tissues of the face, neck and body.
  • General biorevitalization.
  • Elimination of bruises under the eyes.
  • Intimate contour plastic.
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