Fiverr Profile Picture Size And Quality Checks

Are you interested in uploading or changing your Fiverr profile photo but don’t know the best Fiverr profile picture size to use? If this is the case, then this guide is simply to show you how to get a perfect Fiverr profile picture size.

How To Find Fiverr Profile Picture Size

There is no recommended Fiverr profile picture size provided when uploading your profile picture, but you can simply try a picture of any good size and see how it looks. You keep adjusting the aspect and resolution of your chosen picture as needed. I tried 50×50 and the picture was uploaded.

If you choose a picture file with a large size, you will use your internet to upload it before Fiverr adjust the size automatically.

Sometimes your profile picture says everything. Therefore, it is necessary to put a lot of effort into creating and selecting the best for your Fiverr seller account.

Many new sellers do not know how the image affects orders and sales, so they simply upload the image without making sure that it is well optimized.

If you’ve been on Fiverr for a long time, by now you must have realized how important your Fiverr profile picture is. However, I would assume that you are new to Fiverr; this explains why you are interested in learning about Fiverr profile photos.

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Fiverr Pictures Best Practices

Before uploading a profile image to Fiverr, you should make sure that it passes the following quality checks:

  • Show your real face: Customers want to know who they are dealing with. Especially buyers with huge projects. Showing your real face will increase the level of customer confidence, most likely, in your performance and services.
  • The image must be original: Do not upload an image that you downloaded from the Internet as a Fiverr profile image. If you do, Fiverr has a technology in place to automatically remove the picture — because it violates Fiverr terms of use.
  • Show off your skills: You can creatively send a message about the services you provide through your profile photo. If you are a typist, it would be very wise to upload a photo of yourself typing. If you are a graphic designer, you need to improve your photography in such a way that buyers can almost immediately notice your skill in design software.
  • Demonstrate your professionalism: Freelance platforms, as a rule, do not require comprehensive professionalism. However, there is a limit to which random views should reach. I wouldn’t upload a photo of me lying on my bed. You don’t need to wear a nice suit to make sales. But if you provide very professional services, it would be nice to upload a cool beautiful photo of you in a suit.
  • Upload a high-quality image: If you don’t have a good camera to take a beautiful picture, you can borrow it from a friend. But whatever you do, make sure that your image is high-quality and very clear.
  • Optimize the size of the Fiverr profile image: As mentioned earlier, Fiverr does not have a recommended profile picture size; however, you should make sure that your image is well cropped so that your face is centralized.
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