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Fiverr Gig Image Size – Recommended Fiverr Gig Photo Size

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Are you setting up your Fiverr account? It is good to design and add gig images to your Fiverr gig. This post is to show you what Fiverr gig image size (Fiverr gig photo size) should be.

Fiverr gig design is important because getting it right will result in more buyers clicking on your GIG.

While it is good to have a high number of positive reviews on your Fiverr GIG, your GIG image is also one of the first things buyers will see.

And good design helps in making strong first impressions on people viewing your GIG.

You may not easily find get the correct or exact Fiverr gig photo size and dimensions for the gig image anywhere on Fiverr.

This post is just to help you know the Fiverr gig image size to use when setting up your Fiverr profile.

Fiverr Gig Image Size (Fiverr Gig Photo Size)


When you want to upload any image on Fiverr, you will observe in the gig gallery that the minimum image size should be 550 pixels by 370 pixels (550 X 370).

In case you are using inches for your values, then 5.73 inches by 3.85 inches (5.73 X 3.85) should be used as the image minimum size.

If you are using a graphic tool that measures in millimeters (mm) then your Fiverr gig image size should be 145.5 mm by 97.89 mm.

Also, note that the Size of Fiverr gig image file should not be more than 5 MB. (the File size should be 5MB or less)

5 Fiverr Gig Thumbnail Design Tips

  1. Fiverr recommended dimensions for the Fiverr gig photo or thumbnail is 550 Pixels Width and 370 Pixels Height.
  2. Fiver recommended image formats for Fiverr gig image or thumbnail is JPEG, JPG, or PNG
  3. Fiver recommended maximum image file size for Fiverr gig image or thumbnail is 5MB
  4. The number of images that can be uploaded as Fiverr gig images or thumbnail per gig is 3 images.
  5. My recommended orientation for Fiverr gig image or thumbnail layout is Landscape

Final Words On Fiverr Gig Size

Your gig picture is one of those crucial elements that assist Fiverr buyers in deciding whether or not to put in a request on your gig. Inferior quality Fiverr gig pictures establish a helpless connection with Fiverr buyers and they imagine that you are trying to deceive them if your gig is not looking original.

In conclusion,following the recommended Fiverr gig image size will help you create a professional looking gig that is more likely to attract buyers. By using high quality images that are the right size, you can make a great first impression and stand out from the competition.

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