First Page SEO Guarantee, SEO Content Strategy

First Page SEO Guarantee – 5 SEO Content Strategy For Dummies

If you’re a novice in the world of SEO and you want your website to get traffic from search engines, these First Page SEO Guarantee tips have been simplified into 5 SEO Content Strategy for Dummies to help you drive traffic to your website from search engines.

Website promotion in search engines consists of several stages. Conditionally, all SEO activities are attributed to the impact on either internal or external ranking factors.

The first ones consist of optimizing texts, technical parameters of the site, and usability, which in turn affects behavioural factors.

10 Best Ways to Improve Google Search Ranking For Your Site

The second ones are mainly reduced to obtaining incoming link mass. Google declared their rejection of purchased links, but the practice of promoting shows that such links usually work.

First Page SEO Guarantee, SEO Content Strategy, SEO For Dummies

First Page SEO Guarantee – SEO Content Strategy

We have interviewed SEO-optimizers and are ready to give you working First Page SEO Guarantee methods; following these SEO Content Strategy is perfect Marketmuse alternatives For Dummies and your site traffic will increase.

  1. Study Your Target Audience

This tip may not be a direct First Page SEO Guarantee tip, but the conversion rate on the site depends on how well it meets the needs of the audience.

For example, online stores sometimes neglect the placement of consumer reviews. Meanwhile, before buying, almost everyone reads reviews about the product.

If there are no reviews on the product page, then the consumer will go to look for them on other sites and will probably make a purchase where he finds it.

This site will also receive a bonus in the form of improved behavioural factors.

The presence of a form for commenting on a site with an active audience helps users find everything they need without resorting to third-party sites.

In addition, consumers often search for “product reviews”. An online store without the ability to conduct discussions loses the opportunity to get clicks on such requests.

There is no need to be afraid of negative reviews about the store or product.

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The product is not your area of responsibility, and negative reviews about your work can be turned to your advantage by responding thoughtfully.

Most often, the quality of work is evaluated by users not by complaints, but by the reaction to them.

2. Use Informative Content to Attract Traffic

SEO Content Strategy is important for business websites and eCommerce platforms.

A common misconception is a belief that an online store should not contain informational articles. Supporters of this version claim that the presence of informational content on a commercial site prevents the search engine from correctly determining the site’s orientation.

Let’s point out this: analytical articles and product reviews help the consumer choose, which means that they perform the functions of a selling site.

No one believes that the presence of a consultant in the store prevents the consumer from distinguishing the store from the library.

The information content mustn’t be placed on the product cards.

Do not forget to provide reviews with links to the relevant products and place links to reviews on the product pages.

  1. Optimize your website for mobile devices

If you check stat for mobile internet users, you will think search engines are not for desktops but mobile devices.

This means that the main traffic is already coming from phones and tablets.

Of course, this is not the case everywhere: for example, housewives still prefer a desktop computer. But the general trend is that the share of gadgets in the search is constantly growing.

It is no accident that Google tirelessly reminds authorized webmasters that their sites are not optimized for mobile devices.

To get high positions, it is necessary to take into account how users view the site. Sites that are inconvenient to view will be ranked lower.

  1. Be Aware of Technical Errors and Fix Them

This is a very important tip in this First Page SEO Guarantee guide.

A common mistake is ignoring the technical condition of the site. If the site takes a long time to load, this prevents ranking and creates inconveniences for the user.

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Not everyone will wait for a full page load if it lasts longer than 5 seconds. Closing the site a few seconds after the transition worsens the bounce rate, which is important in the ranking formula. This also includes executing various scenarios — they load the computer resources and slow down the work.

Other errors are duplicates on the site, broken links, un-configured redirects, the absence or incorrect format of the site map and files robots.txt, htaccess, etc. Technical errors can seriously affect the ranking.

  1. Use a Variety of Content

Text-only content can be tiring. Not everyone is inclined to watch videos. The pictures are clear, but they do not provide exhaustive information.

For the user to get the full information on the issue of interest, combining different types of content is good.

This SEO Content Strategy is a great First Page SEO Guarantee because search engines have long been noticed to rank documents better where the text is conveniently structured, contains a table of contents, and is provided with media content, such as photos, diagrams, and videos.

Search engines declare that SEO Content Strategy and other website promotion strategies should be focused on people.

Ranking algorithms analyze how complete the information on the page is, and the presence of a variety of content will be a plus.

Additional SEO Content Strategy for Getting More Search Engine Traffic

Do not be lazy to put internal links

If you analyze the output, you will probably notice that the most successful sites actively use internal linking. Search engines “like” a lot of internal links. It’s not just about redistributing weight between pages.

The main thing here is that the user can quickly find additional information using the links.

For example, you can place links to some products of the same category on the product page with short notes about their features.

Information documents may contain links to pages of terms used or with extended information.

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Appropriately placed internal links increase the audience’s activity, reduce the bounce rate, increase the time spent on the site.

Take social media seriously

The work in the direction of SMO (Social Media Optimization) will not go unnoticed by search engines.

The audience from social networks is always very active because it is initially set up to communicate and share experiences.

The advantage of social network users is that they will constantly share links to your promotions, reviews, news, etc.

By creating a core of interested users, you will always receive a stream of customers and commentators from social networks. This will give a bonus in the form of better ranking and steady traffic from organic search results.

In addition, search engines evaluate the work in social networks: the ranking is affected by the presence of links in social networks and the presence of traffic on them.

Avoid spam: you only need a target audience in social networks.

Fill in the alt attribute for images

The alt attribute is one of the most “despised” First Page SEO Guarantee tips that can rank your content on the first page for images result; it is used by a few webmasters and bloggers.

It does not help to rank in the search for documents, but illustrations with alt filled in are better ranked for pictures.

Yes, users rarely click on the pictures on the site, but if the illustration contains an understatement, then the motivation to visit the site increases greatly: for example, the picture elements are numbered, and the description of the items is contained separately on the page.

Some people follow pictures to go to the site to get additional information.


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