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Facebook Marketplace – How to Promote Your Store & Sell More

Social media is becoming more popular than ever, with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok leading this charge. It is smart to understand how these platforms can be used to grow your business. Facebook Marketplace is one way to do that.

Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace where users can sell and buy products. The FacebookMarketplace is available in approximately 50 countries around the globe. This tool allows you to tap into millions of Facebook users every day and generate profit for your eCommerce company.

Shopify merchants, if you have not yet started using Facebook Marketplace to promote your business, now is the best time.

This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of FacebookMarketplace and why it is important.

Is FacebookMarketplace important?

Before the launch of FacebookMarketplace in 2016, there were only two platforms that allowed commerce-related activities: Facebook buy-and-sell groups and FacebookMarketplace. These groups allowed members to post items for sale. You can also search for products you want to purchase and mark the item as sold once it has been purchased.

FacebookMarketplace was created to improve on this and be more functional. It is a shop-like platform that allows users to sell and buy products from other users.

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t allow payments. Facebook Marketplace has instead been able to link with eCommerce giants such as Shopify to facilitate payments between sellers and buyers.

Facebook Marketplace is available to both individuals and businesses to sell pre-owned or new products to a local audience. You can search the entire marketplace or select specific categories. Or, you can go directly to your preferred stores.

You can advertise your products on Facebook Marketplace by listing them for free.

What are the features of Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace operates on a simple concept. Sellers can list their products and indicate where they are located in the marketplace. Facebook uses information about potential buyers to locate them when they search for these products on the marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace displays products for sale in their local areas. Suppose a user is interested in a product and wants to purchase it. In that case, they can reach out to the seller via Facebook Messenger. Both parties can agree on the payment method, and the product can then be shipped.

This eliminates the need to exchange addresses or phone numbers between the parties.

The algorithm of the Facebook Marketplace makes certain products more visible to buyers. This is especially true if users have shown an interest in, liked, or searched for this product previously on Facebook.

Why should your business be on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace has a huge market potential with about 3 billion monthly active users. This makes it a great place for small eCommerce businesses. Facebook Marketplace can help you reach a wider audience and expand your reach.

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Reasons to sell on FacebookMarketplace

There are many reasons to sell on FacebookMarketplace, here are 5 of them;

  • A personal touch for each customer

Facebook Marketplace’s algorithm shows users products that are most relevant to them based on their actions and other activities. Businesses can find the right customers easily this way.

This increases conversion rates because the right people see you.

  • Free Product Listing

Facebook Marketplace allows sellers to list their products and manage them for free. You can easily list your products on Facebook Marketplace and get started managing them in just a few seconds. This is a great way to save money and increase your sales.

  • No Restrictions for Payment Methods

Facebook does not provide a payment platform that allows buyers and sellers to pay each other. There are no restrictions on payment methods, and you can choose from many payment options. You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal, or Shopify Payments. You can also receive cash payments on delivery.

  • Marketing tools at your fingertips

The Facebook Marketplace platform offers a variety of tools for eCommerce businesses. You can also use various marketing tools to automate your sales process. Chatbots are available to answer customers’ questions.

  • You Sell to customers individually.

Messenger is the only way sellers and buyers can communicate on Facebook Marketplace. Sellers must sell to buyers one-on-one, making it a more personal experience. Customers can reach out to you directly and get a response in real time.

It makes it easier for you to keep them coming back, as they can ask questions right away. This creates a sense of trust and comfort that allows customers to make purchases.\

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Top 8 Products to Sell on FacebookMarketplace and Make Money


Facebook Marketplace Furniture

Your furniture will sell if it is priced correctly. There are two major times furniture can be sold: fall (when college students return to school) and spring (when renters move into new apartments). However, furniture is always a great item to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Trendy Clothing

Although clothing can be difficult to sell on Facebook Marketplace, it is possible to find trendy clothes. The clothing that sells is often more expensive and in style. These brands are usually popular if you have good-condition Converse, Nikes, or Vans. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell designer purses and high-end clothing.


You’ve got toys if you have kids. People are always looking for new toys. Toys are most popular before Christmas and the holidays. January is the most difficult month to sell toys. Keep these things in mind as you sell toys.


Baby clothes and supplies

Baby products are always in high demand. You can rest assured that your baby products will sell. You should also remember that parents are picky about baby items. Make sure that you only sell items in excellent condition.


There are always people looking for quality used tools. You will be able to sell your tools quickly if you price them correctly.

Home Decorations are popular item on the Facebook Marketplace:

It is more likely that you will sell trendy home Decor in good condition.

Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal Decoration, FacebookMarketplace

You will be able to sell seasonal decorations if you can sell them before the holidays. You might consider selling Halloween Decor in September or October and Christmas Decor in November.

Lawn and garden supplies 

Home and garden are other seasonal categories that is a good sellers. You can also sell snowblowers, shovels, and firepits in winter. Patio furniture and lawn supplies sell well in the summer. You can get ahead of your competition by selling your items at the beginning of each season.


Tips for Launching An eCommerce Business on A Shoestring Budget

7 Tips to Sell More on FacebookMarketplace

Sell on Facebook, eCommerce

You can make your Marketplace listing stand out by doing more than following the rules. These are seven ways to stand out from other listings and sell more.

Do Some Research About Products:

First, do your research on Facebook Marketplace to see which items are most popular. This will allow you to price your products correctly and find ways to stand out from the rest.

Once you’ve created your listing, it is worth checking the profiles of potential buyers. It could indicate potential problems later if a buyer is new to Facebook or has just a few friends.

Research Keywords:

Your description and title should be as precise as possible. Include information about the model, color, storage capacity, and condition. Also include details about the brand, style, and type of material. Avoid complicated and generic words. Using the right keywords can help increase your listing’s rank in search results, making it easier to sell to potential buyers.

Choose the Appropriate Product Category:

List your product in the wrong category if you don’t want to upset Facebook and buyers. You will waste not only your time but also your time. If you list your product in an inappropriate category, your target audience won’t be able to see it.

Advertise your FB Marketplace Store elsewhere:

It is a smart idea to advertise your listing on other platforms, such as Instagram, you can also buy third-party ads to boost your business on social media sites. There are many sites to buy FB followers from, in order to attract more buyers. Your listings will become more familiar if buyers recognize you and your style. Suppose you’re a furniture and appliances seller. In that case, this is your niche, and you should try to be a market leader in this area of the Marketplace. You will be able to control your pricing more effectively and build a following across all channels by being consistent.

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Don’t forget to Include Product Dimensions:

Buyers will not be able to determine the true dimensions even with multiple photos from different angles. It is nice to know that the product is approximately the same size as an average. However, an inch can make all of the difference for some products, such as furniture. You might want to add the weight depending on what product you are selling.

Make sure that your photos are Real:

You will be able to sell your products quicker if you have high-quality photos. It can also help reduce the number of questions you get about your product. Make sure you pay attention to the lighting and background. A solid white background is recommended to capture the product’s color and details. Also, take several photos from different angles. FacebookMarketplace allows for up to 8 photos per listing. You should include close-ups of any defects. Although it might seem counterintuitive, you need to be truthful about the actual condition.

It is important to include photos of the item you are selling if you plan on selling second-hand items. Many sellers include stock photos from the manufacturer’s website, which doesn’t allow potential buyers to view the actual product they will receive.

Add shipping information:

Even though you are only targeting local customers, it is smart to include shipping costs in your price.

Use Popular and Payment Services:

Facebook Marketplace lacks a payment processor. It is up to the seller to arrange a payment method with the seller. Avoid gift cards and cash. Instead, choose a trusted service such as PayPal to investigate fraudulent claims for you.


What is stopping you from expanding your eCommerce sales channels, such as FacebookMarketplace, if you’re currently selling only on one channel? FacebookMarketplace is the easiest and most popular channel. Although FacebookMarketplace is a simple and safer way to sell products online, there are still risks. Suppose you plan to close the transaction in person rather than shipping the product to the buyer. In that case, it is important to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

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