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Facebook Business Manager vs Facebook Ads Manager

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So, what is the difference between Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager?

The amazing world of Facebook can lead some to confusion, so we decided to consider these two types of accounts within the framework of the platform that we use most often. Let’s dig deeper.

Facebook Business Manager 

The Facebook Business Manager saves us a lot of time, and it’s nice.

We use it to manage business pages, manage who is the administrator on these pages, and we can even manage advertising accounts.

We consider it as the center of all Facebook management.

You can request access to existing pages or advertising accounts if you don’t have access yet. In addition, you can configure the levels of employee access to advertising accounts.

There are three assets to which you can assign someone in the Facebook Business Manager.

These are the analyst of the advertising account (can only view ads), the advertiser of the advertising account (can edit and manage ads), and the administrator of the advertising account (can manage all aspects of campaigns).

If you haven’t created an advertising account or a business page yet, you can also create them in Facebook Business Manager.

In Facebook Business Manager, you can edit permissions for users configured in your account. Below you can see all the categories that you can edit.

Another amazing feature of Facebook Business Manager is that you can be sure of the security of your accounts, plus you don’t need to make friends among your colleagues on Facebook before adding them as an administrator (although we like to be friends with our colleagues).

For business pages, you can assign different accounts to your team, change his or her permissions, such as page administrator, editor, analyst, live participant, moderator, and advertiser.

Perhaps you only want or need someone to see specific information; this is the key for this reason!

Facebook Ads Manager 

The Facebook Ad Manager is designed exclusively for managing and creating advertising campaigns.

When you are in the Facebook ad manager, you can choose which individual advertising account you want to view in your profile or your agency’s profile, depending on who owns the advertising account.

For instance, if  your agency is the owner of an advertising account, you can add business profiles under this account and create your advertising account under your agency.

In Facebook ads manager, you can also view reports on advertising campaigns, which are very convenient when you discuss the effectiveness of advertising with your customers.

However, there are two types of general “advertising ” on Facebook.

There are real ads on Facebook and enlarged posts. The Facebook ad Manager is different from simply boosting a post that is already in your Facebook feed.

If and when you say that you launched an ad, but just invested a little money in publishing on your page, you didn’t launch an ad on Facebook.

You will still be able to target your audience with these promoted posts, however, you can’t see the report and you can’t select a goal (brand awareness, video views, page likes, etc.) with these types of promotions.

The only purpose of these types of positions is visibility and interaction with this position. If you want to find out how specifically you can target an audience with regular ads on Facebook, check this out.

Another nice feature of the Facebook ad manager is that you can filter ads by goals, demographic audience, and ad impression (regardless of whether the ad is active, completed, recently completed, etc.).

If you want to compare how different ads were displayed, this feature will certainly come in handy!

If you’re not using these Facebook features yet, you should get started!


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