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6 Advantages Of Embedding Instagram Videos On Website

Embedding Instagram videos on websites makes it more engaging, attractive and unique. It will help you to increase the dwell time of your website.

When we talk about captivating the audience to leverage diverse marketing benefits, Instagram is the first thing that comes across our mind.

Because Instagram’s content is unique and engaging, and the platform’s ever-increasing dwell time is a huge reason why it has become marketers’ first choice.

To take things to the next level, marketers have identified this all-new strategy to embed the Instagram videos on the website and the benefits it would bring in are endless.

Wondering what all they could be? Here are 7 advantages of embedding Instagram videos on a website that you must not miss out on!

6 Advantages Of Embedding Instagram Videos On Website

1.    Improve Website Engagement Rate

Website engagement rate is something almost every website owner struggles with as there are a lot of factors involved in it. But when you embed Instagram video on website, it offers something unique to your website. Something different than the usual website format.

The website visitors stay longer on your website to engage with the content, which improves your website dwell time and decreases your website’s bounce rate, sending out a positive message to search engines.

2.    Improve Instagram Presence

When your website visitors come across the Instagram videos on website, they get to know about your Instagram presence. They will not only engage with the videos on the website; if they like the content, they will visit your Instagram account to engage with more of your content.

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They would follow your Instagram account and share the content with their friends and followers, helping you improve your Instagram presence, and gaining followers to a great extent.

3.    Add Vibrancy To Website

Instagram is known for the captivating content that it offers. Why not add them to your website and offer a wholesome experience to your website visitors that they never forget? When you add Instagram videos on website, you add vibrancy with it.

Now, you give better reasons to your website visitors to stop by and engage with the content. Be assured that your website visitors keep coming back to engage with the content and check out for new updates.

4.    Build Trust With User-generated Videos

Brands widely use user-generated content as a part of their marketing strategy to captivate the attention of their target audience. That’s because people seek their peers’ real-life experience before trusting a brand, that’s a common consumer behaviour.

If the consumers get to see real-life experience in the form of an Instagram video, then it becomes a win-win.

Collect the Instagram videos your loyal customers create for you and embed it on your website. By doing so, you will get to bring authenticity and transparency to your website. Not just that, the user-generated videos from Instagram will help you to stand out among your competitors.

When it comes to making a choice, your prospects will always choose you over your competitors.

5.    Boost Conversions & Sales

Turn your Instagram videos as shoppable using product tags that many social commerce platforms offer. The idea is to offer the ultimate social shopping experience to the website visitors.

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Your website visitors no longer have to go through your entire website to explore your products, they can simply engage with the embedded Instagram video to engage with and shop, all at once.

It will offer your target audience something unique and exceptional from the regular ecommerce store platforms and above all, it will entice them to make positive purchase decisions.

6.    Highlight Your Branded Campaigns

If you run any Instagram video campaigns and want to take it beyond the platform and introduce it to your digital audience, then Instagram video Widget has to be your ideal tool. They will not only engage with the videos on the website; if they like the content, they will visit your Instagram account to engage with more of your content.

It is a perfect strategy to run a website campaign along with your Instagram video campaign to create more visibility in front of your website visitors and enhance your Instagram presence.

The Instagram video widget will curate your campaign video content. Let’s say, it is an Instagram video hashtag contest and you have chosen a branded hashtag.

The Instagram video widget would come with an Instagram aggregator. The aggregator will collect all the videos made using the hashtag on Instagram and bring them to you to moderate the content, customize the Instagram video widget and embed it on your website for your website visitors to engage with it.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Reaching the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of embedding Instagram videos on websites and what all advantages you can extract when you embed them on your website.

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So, what are you waiting for? Collect all those engaging Instagram videos and embed them to your website, to offer better website experiences and leverage endless benefits.


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