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Why You Should Opt To Embed Facebook Widget on WordPress in 2022

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Who doesn’t know about Facebook, after all, it is the most popular and one of the oldest social media platforms. What makes Facebook the king of social media platforms? According to our understanding – Facebook provides its users with various features to express themselves. For example, they can upload images, post videos, write blogs, and more. Such a variety of expressions makes it a favorite amongst social media users. Social media users use these facilities to their great advantage and spread their message. So how about using this content for your website?

In pursuit to make the website lively, businesses are opting to the strategy where they choose to embed Facebook widget for WordPress website to display Facebook feeds on the website.

What is a Facebook Widget?

After reading the above statement, you must be thinking of this particular question. Don’t worry we have covered this. Facebook widget is the functional block on the website that smoothly displays Facebook feed on the website.

There are various tools that provide you with the Facebook widget to display Facebook feeds on your website. Alongside making the embedding process easy, these tools provide various features that add great value to this strategy. For example it allows you to personalize the widget as per choice under the customize option, by using this tool you can easily add a charm to your widget and your website.

Moreover, it provides a moderation feature that helps to filter out all inappropriate or irrelevant content from your feed. It maintains the quality of your website and as the feed will be related to your brand, it might instill interest in the minds of visitors.

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If you still have second thoughts about opting to embed Facebook widget on the website, then here are some of the major benefits of this strategy that might convince you.

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Benefits of Embedding Facebook Widget on WordPress Website

A marketer opts for applying any strategy only if it provides various benefits. And that is the right approach. Therefore we are suggesting you embed Facebook Widget on your website. And here are some of the benefits from this strategy; we are mentioning some major pointers that we think might be helpful to convince you.

1. Improves the visual appeal of your website

People are spoilt for choices, so it becomes important to have an x-factor on the website that attracts the audience. The best way to improve the website’s visual appeal is by adding images and videos. And that is the correct approach. By embedding Facebook widget to the website you can easily add that charm to your website, as with the help of the widget, you can showcase various Facebook content.

We all know that Facebook users are creative and use the platform to a great advantage to showcase their creativity. As a result, you can bring the same vibe to your website and attract more visitors to your website.

2. Increases visitor engagement on the website

People often tend to stay on the website that enhances their browsing experience and that can be achieved by adding engaging content on the website. As Facebook has various features such as the facility to upload images and videos, you can hold your visitors on your website by showcasing them on the website. The amazing content can keep the visitors hooked and increase the visitor engagement of your website.

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3. Boosts the website traffic

As more visitor engagement and elements enhance the visitor experience, more people would like to visit your website. Hence it can eventually boost the web traffic of your website. And due to that the search engine ranking of your website can also get some benefit.

So with the help of a better search engine ranking, if someone searches anything related to your business on the search engine. So due to better search engine ranking, it will recommend your website, increasing brand recognition.

4. Provides social proofs

You can even opt to embed the content related to your business that other people are posting. In simple words, with social media aggregators’ help, you can collect the posts that have your tag. And showcase them on your website as social proofs. Social proofs can encourage your visitors to buy from your brand.

Likewise, you can even embed Facebook reviews on the website, and convince your target audience and consumers to purchase from your brand. Also, it can also build a review cycle, encouraging other users to post reviews related to your business. Finally, it can help you in increasing brand awareness as reviews provide a boost to your reputation.

5. Strengthen social media presence

By opting to embed Facebook widget on the website, you provide a sneak into your social media presence to your visitors. And as they have the option to follow you there it might help you strengthen your social media presence.

In this age of social media dominance, it is vital to have a strong social media presence as people often determine the quality and reputation of a brand based on their social media presence.

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Steps To Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress Website

So, now you know about free Facebook widget and its benefits, you must be eager to learn how to embed Facebook feed on WordPress website. So here is the simplest way to do it – use Tagembed. With just 5 simple steps, you can easily achieve the feat. These steps are:

Step 1 – Sign up To Tagembed, or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2 – Choose Facebook as your source for your widget. And provide the connection type (you have options like Hashtag, Mention, etc.)

Step 3 – Your feed will be ready; now it’s time to generate embedding code. Click on the Embed widget button.

Step 4 – Choose WordPress as your CMS website building platform.

Step 5 – Copy the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website.

And we are done. Wasn’t that simple?

Summing it up

As social media is making a strong foothold in the marketing scenario, it is the perfect time to utilize social media giant – Facebook to your benefit.

You can embed Facebook widget on your website and extract maximum benefit from the platform. So now you know the simplest way to embed Facebook widget to your website, so what are you waiting for? Add Facebook to your website now and enjoy great benefits.

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