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Doodle For Google Not Working – How to fix google doodle games error

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In this doodle for google not working guide, we will cover important questions to help you get the most out of Doodle for Google.

Google keeps the homepage of Google Search fresh and interesting with funny doodles that change from time to time.

Doodle is a real game that you can play. All these games are archived and you can play them after their time on Google Home has passed.

These simple web-based google doodle games are fun and perfect for passing the time without having to download anything.

To play the game, all you have to do is go to the Google home page and click on the Google doodle. Every Google doodle game will explain the relevant controls before you take part, and there will be a Legendary Champion to be challenged for each of the games.

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How to fix Doodle for Google Not Working

Method 1: Turn off the Flight Mode on Your Device

The Google doodle games are all web-based and internet access is required to play them.

When we are going to do great things, we must take care of all the small things. This is something that we can apply here as well. To have great fun with google doodle games, you need to think about the little things. Therefore, it is important to remember and check if flight mode is turned on or off on your device. If it is enabled, then even if you make every effort, you will not be able to play the google doodle games.

Therefore, to fix Doodle for Google Not Working, make sure that the airplane mode has been turned off.

Method 2: Enable data connection on Your Device

Enabling a data connection is something you should keep in mind when trying to access Doodle for Google or browsing the web. If you try to use the Internet without doing so, how will you be able to access it?

Some people may think that how can someone forget to include data when he wants to use it. But sometimes due to a high level of curiosity, the user may not do this.

And so, just check the data connection and make sure that the activation is completed before you receive the Doodle for Google Not Working error message.

Method 3: Use Updated Version of Google Chrome Browser

If you do not remember to update to the latest version of any application, you may have to suffer such issues.

This may also be the case here. So, at this time, you should update the browser to its latest version.

Method 4: Refresh the Doodle for Google page

Sometimes, due to the accumulation of people on one page, the page you are visiting may get stuck. So, at this time, just refresh the page and see if you continue to rejoice. Sometimes this simple trick works effectively.

Conclusion on How to fix google doodle games error

So, here are the tricks that we have included in the troubleshooting guide for the Doodle for Google Not Working error. All these techniques have a significant impact on the elimination of the error.

Is your problem solved with this guide? Let us know about it below by commenting. Also, suggest us other tricks if you have any.



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  1. hi the google doodle thing the one where you make music won’t work it says tap it still won’t work and the one with hip hop i can even skip the cut sence and then when i play the hip hop one it says skip toturial i can even skip that it says slide the thing i can’t tap it one more also when i play the one where you have to spit ice cream to chill down spicy stuff the music is not playing um sorry but u can’t fix it 🙁

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