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There is a popular Igbo proverb: “A child that dances to the sweet melody of Surugede does not know that Surugede is the dance of the Spirits.”
This is the same dance the controversial US President Donald John Trump has been dancing ever since he ascended to the most powerful office in the world.

Indigenes of any of the 5 Eastern states in Nigeria know for sure how dreadful the dance of Surugede is. Similarly, the dance of macabre is a symbol of the university of death. It is highly believed that no matter one’s station in life, the dance of death unites us all.

In 2016, America witnessed one of the most keenly contested elections in its 243 years’ history. Donald John Trump of the Republican Party defeated his closest rival, former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton with a 304 Electoral College votes compared to Clinton’s 227. Even though the outcome of the election was against the wish of the outgoing President Barack Obama – who weighed behind Clinton, there would later be a smooth transition of power from Democrat to Republican.

The incoming President successfully sold his “America First” mantra to the highly expectant Americans and his administration began.

The first quarter of Trump’s administration was marred with protest (Women March 2017), signing of inconsequential bills, attacking his predecessor, boisterous talks, and aggrandizement overpower and self-sufficiency of the United States. He had an approval rating of a meager 40%, lower than any other US President in their early terms. He was recalcitrant to repeal the Obama Care Act (Affordable Care Act) and many others.

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One major albatross of the Trump administration was his narcissistic nature. It will be perfect to describe the 74-yr-old President as an arrogant and hubris man who is avaricious of his own self-centered opinions and beliefs, and disrespectful of other people’s.

His leadership style is characterized by authoritarianism, modern-day despotism, and democratic fascism, which is targeted at repressing opposition and humiliating appointees.

His long suits and overlong ties were symbols of his over-bloated ego. This perhaps is the main reason Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Godwin described him as someone who lacks several traits of an effective leader, including humility, acknowledging errors, shouldering blame and learning from mistakes, empathy, resilience, collaboration, connecting with people, and controlling unproductive emotions.” I couldn’t agree more.

Mr. Trump influenced the American judiciary into investigating his political foes and adversaries – including James Comey and Hilary Clinton.

One of the worst presidential decisions any president will do in a democratic setting. He ridiculed pressmen, punished, blocked and suspended journalists who wrote anti articles about his administration.

He treated the world’s noblest profession – journalism – with disdain. His administration greatly divided the United States.

His racist verbal emissions have placed America once again as the most racist country on earth. He flagrantly displayed zero respect for Negros (I won’t use the word Blacks). He encouraged racism and fueled division.

Since the 2020 US General Election which humbled him, a lot has happened; and one is the reality that the most powerful man on earth has become the most ridiculed and most vilified.

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Power they say is transient, in less than 10 hours, his administration will end and a brand new administration begins. The onus lies on Joe Biden to learn from the so many malfeasances of his predecessor and tow the right path, and concentrate chiefly in uniting America and combating the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic (which has left more than 400,000 Americans dead) – a virus Mr. Trump flagged as a hoax.

As the clock tickles to the expiration of his tenure, one of the most infantile presidential decisions is his refusal to attend the inauguration. But, this is yet another clear confirmation that age or political status doesn’t define maturity.

I congratulate him cheerfully, as he journeys to political nihility.

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