Diwali Celebration Tips: How To Celebrate The Festival Of Lights

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Diwali is the immense and most awaited festival in our nation. It is the festival that appears first in the heart of Indians when they feel joy. So in this blog, we will be telling you about some ideas for the celebration of the Diwali festival.

Diwali has no exact date. However, it is the festival that appears first in the month of Kartika. It is the festival of lights, and it celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Diwali is celebrated with grandeur by our countrymen. It is also known as Deepavali in many parts of India. There is a tradition of exchanging Diwali Gifts with your relatives and friends.

How to celebrate Diwali?

You can celebrate Diwali in different ways. We have included some of the popular ways of celebrating Diwali below.

  1. Put lights and oil in the lamp

Put some lighting in your Diwali lamps. You can take a traditional lamp with oil on Diwali or use the electrical lamps.

  1. Illuminate the house

Light diyas and candles in the house and put lots of flowers and give them lots of decoration. Then lights up to make it look like a Diwali celebration.

  1. Celebrate it with family

Gifts for children during Diwali

Diwali is a festival that shows a positive way of life. With this celebration, you can get all the happiness which is necessary to live. But you must be very careful with your child when it is about giving gifts. Gift them something useful that he/she may use for a longer period of time.

  • Give a gift with love

When we give gifts to our children with the message of love, it becomes beneficial for our children. One must not only choose the book or games for your child. You must pick gifts which you would like them to have.

  • Avoid a gift that doesn’t have any meaning

There must be a meaning in the gift. If the gift is written in colour, it will be easy to open and read.

Traditional Indian food for Diwali celebrations

If you are planning to celebrate Diwali traditionally, here are some tips for you;

Roasted gram or chickpeas- it is highly nutritious and tasty too.

Sesame oil- it is suitable for health and is highly tasty too.

Mutton/goat gravy- regularly, we keep our cattle in this kind of gravy, and it’s healthy and delicious too.

Plain rice with ghee- this is a traditional food of our India, and it gives us energy.

Fried rice- this is also one of the most traditional and tasty meals for all.

Some more traditional Indian food ideas

Aloo-chop- potatoes will be cooked like chapatis on this meal, and it is high on protein.

Palak Paneer- another great dish for Diwali. Take any paneer or cheese and cook it with your special spices.

Cultural Celebration Ideas for Diwali

First of all, to get into the spirit of Diwali celebrations, ensure you bring a bag of sweets on the day itself. Make sure you bring home all the favourite snacks which you wish to eat on that day.

Now, if you are interested in Diwali giftings and want to make someone feel marvellous with your gifting ideas, you can send Online Diwali gifts in Bangalore to their place directly on the same day, making your work complete in a while.

Another idea would be to get together with your whole family and friends and have an Indian dinner. Make sure you get the recipes of traditional Indian dishes on how to make such delicious food.

Now you may also decorate your house and grounds with lanterns and diyas. One can also get very creative in the form of the lights to resemble the burning lamp of Diwali. People can get diyas made of clay and then paint the clay diyas with various colours and designs. They can also get them filled with sand, fruit, flowers, seeds, and dry flower petals.

The Festival of Lights- Lighting up the dark corners of our lives

According to Hindu mythology, Diwali is celebrated every year on the new moon night of Kartika month in the Hindu calendar, the fifth month in the Hindu calendar. People use diyas to light up the dark corners of their lives. Each year people arrange Diwali dinners and dance.

Some Important Dresses To Be Used

Let us learn to wear colourful dresses this Diwali season. It will give you a festive look. You can use bright colours to add more colours.

  • Good time to wear a light-coloured blouse to match up with your festive clothes.
  • Some Pictures of Making Diwali decorations
  • Let us look at a picture of making a paper lamp.
  • Some ideas to decorate diyas
  • Create the most vivid lights and colourful lamps.
  • Shikakai pots are available in the market.

Finishing it up.

Take Some Deep Breath: You can do deep breathing during this festival to get some peace from the chaos around you.

Love Your Neighbours: Try to love your neighbours and think about them while doing this. If you love your neighbour a little, your neighbours would love you back, and also, this would be a good thing to spread.

Flowers: Many colourful flowers would come to the market if you want to celebrate this festival with a lot of happiness. Try to see a lot of flowers to shop for in the Diwali market.

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