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Disadvantages of Shared Hosting And Its Alternatives (VPS)

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Shared hosting service is one of the most popular Internet services in the Ukrainian market. It provides users with the ability to host files and databases of a website on a server owned by a hosting company and connected to the Internet. At the same time, as a rule, a large number of sites are immediately hosted on one such server, which significantly reduces the real cost of such hosting. In this article, we will try to find out which virtual hosting in USA can be considered the best, how much it can cost, and what alternatives it has.

  • The main criteria for choosing a hosting
  • There are several main criteria for choosing a quality shared hosting in the USA, UA and Europe.
  • The amount of disk space allocated for hosting files and databases on the server. Well, the more, the better. It is also important that the data is not placed on conventional HDDs, but on faster SSD drives.
  • The amount of monthly free traffic. The best solution is if this traffic is generally unlimited.
  • Support for the programs and scripts necessary for the operation of the website. It is desirable to support at least the following technologies:
  • How long has the hosting company been operating, and what reviews does it have on the Internet.

If you are ready to buy hosting, then check if there is a discount when renewing this service for 1 year and if they give domain registration for 1 year as a gift.

Availability of round-the-clock support for hosting users.

Is there a free testing service and a refund.

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Disadvantages of shared hosting and its alternatives

A good virtual hosting for a site is stable and fast servers, round-the-clock technical support, reasonable prices around five dollars a month. But keep in mind that despite its advantages, virtual hosting also has significant disadvantages. So, it assumes that all hardware and software resources of one server are distributed according to quotas among all its users.

And if we take into account the fact that hundreds and even thousands of sites can be hosted on one such server, then you can’t count on fast speed here. In addition, if there is at least one web site on the server that is overloaded with requests or under DDos attack, then the performance of the entire server may be at risk. Also, you will not have enough virtual hosting resources if your site traffic grows and exceeds 1500-2000 people per day. In this case, a virtual dedicated server – VPS – will become a good alternative for shared hosting.

Switching from Shared Hosting to a VPS gives users many benefits. This includes its own dedicated unique IP address, the ability to obtain an SSL certificate, and work using the HTTPS protocol. Now you don’t have to share server resources with other users. The entire virtual server (more precisely, those of its resources for which you are willing to pay) will now be all yours.

An example of a high-quality VPS from Deltahost – You can buy VPS hosting for a website from them at a minimum cost of $6-7 per month, which is quite comparable to the price of virtual hosting, but this service has much more features and benefits. By the way, today more and more Ukrainian online stores and information sites prefer VPS service to regular hosting.

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