Nail Art Designs

Cute And Simple Nail Art Designs That Are Easy To Do At Home


Cute And Simple Nail Art Designs

Decorate Your Nails

Nail art is fun to spice up your manicure and show off your personality. While some designs can get intricate, you don’t have to be a pro to decorate your nails. There are so many simple and easy arts that you can do by yourself.

Different nail designs are determined by various people’s personalities or how far you are willing to experiment. Here are some simple nail art ideas you can easily DIY at home.

White Tip French Manicure

Nothing beats the classic white-tip French manicure. It works on short or long nails. Use striping tape for perfect tips every time.

Black And White Polka Dots

Paint different-sized black polka dots over a white base for a retro look. You can also reverse it and do white dots on black.

Simple Florals

You don’t have to paint elaborate flowers to get a pretty floral design. Start with single blooms like roses, daisies, or tulips in your favorite colors.

Fruit Art

Have fun with cute fruit designs like strawberries, lemons, cherries, and watermelon slices. They look great in red, pink, and green polish.

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Geometric Shapes

Triangles, squares, zigzags – geometric shapes are easy ways to add interest. Do one shape per nail in alternating colors.

Minimalist Nude

Bare nails are anything but basic. A short, nude manicure looks modern and clean.

Simple Stripes

Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal–striped nails are timeless. Paint mini stripes in two alternating colors, black and yellow.

Nail Art

Gold Tips

Elevate your manicure by painting just the tips in metallic gold. The posh gold caps off any color.

Polka Dot French

Add white or black polka dots along the tips for a playful spin on French tips. The contrast looks so cute.

Single Star Accent

One star on the ring finger adds a subtle celestial touch. The simplicity makes it sweet.

Line Designs

Vertical, horizontal, and wavy lines are simple ways to decorate bare nails. Use striping tape for perfect lines.

Skittles Mani

Paint each nail in a different bright color like red, orange, or yellow to recreate a fun Skittles candy look.

Minimalist French

A thin white tip on nude nails creates a barely-there French mani. Barely visible but still pretty.

Matte Top Coat

Add a layer of matte top coat to any manicure for an instant sophisticated look. According to Nail Designs Journal, matte nails are trending.

Girly Pink

An all-pink manicure with a pearl accent nail is a cute, feminine nail art option. There are so many pink polish choices, too.

 Simple Heart

Paint a single red or white heart on your ring finger for a delicate detail. Keep the rest of the nails bare.

Gold Half Moon

Metallic gold half-moons along the base of the nail create subtle drama. Leave the rest of the nail naked.

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 Leopard Print

Paint on leopard spots for an exotic animal print look. Keep them black and grey for versatility.

Chic Shape Combo

Mixing nail shapes like round, oval, square, and squoval adds a modern edge to one-color manis.

Cow Print

For a playful spin on animal prints, paint black and white cow spots on one or all nails. Moo-ve over, bare nails!

 Simple Checks

Alternating mini black and white checks create a retro checkerboard effect. Use striping tape to help.

White Half Moon

A half-moon along the base makes a subtle statement. Try black, white, silver, or gold moons.

Minimalist Heart

Tiny abstract hearts in white acrylic paint look modern yet romantic when kept minimalist.

Dainty Rhinestones

A few rhinestones along the tips or cuticle subtly sparkle your mani.

Abstract Line Work

Use black polish and a thin striping brush to create abstract vertical lines for an excellent effect.

Simple Ombre

Gradually blend two polish colors, like pink to white, for a subtle ombre fade.

Gingham Print

Use striping tape to create a gingham nail design in your chosen shades.

Minimalist Colorblock

Block off your nails using three complementary colors, tan, brown, and maroon, for a minimalist color.

 Glitter Accent

One accent nail with any color glitter instantly glams up a one-tone manicure.

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