Constant Contact Image Size Recommendations 2023

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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably guilty of spending way too much time trying to figure out the perfect image size for Constant Contact emails. I’m here to save you the trouble! After testing and experimenting with a variety of images, I’ve compiled a list of the best image sizes for Constant Contact.

What is the constant contact image size to best optimize your image quality and avoid errors when uploading to your library in constant contact?

When preparing the image for uploading to the library, is important to ensure that the constant contact image size is correct.  Using the correct height and width, resolution, size, and file type protects the image quality and prevents errors during the loading process.


This article will help you to determine the correct constant contact image size – or the reason for the incorrect display of the image.

Constant Contact Image Size Recommendations

Below are information and general recommendations for constant contact image Size, and constant contact image file size.



This refers to the dimensions of your image, the height, and the width of the image.

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Constant contact compresses any image with a width of more than 1200 pixels, and the image height decreases proportionally. This can lead to a loss of image quality, which will lead to grainy, fuzzy, or blurry images. If the height of the image is greater than its width, it will be compressed to 1800 pixels.

Most permanent contact templates are about 600 pixels wide, so if you want an image to take up the entire width of your email when viewed on the desktop, we recommend using an image with a width of at least 600-650 pixels.

Anything that is smaller can look blurry if you change the size to match the width of the email. However, if your images are bigger, you don’t have to worry about them stretching your email with our third-generation editor!

If you want the image to occupy the width of the email when viewed on a mobile device, we recommend using an image with a width of at least 480 pixels.

Usually, there is no recommended height because each block will adjust to the height of the image. However, keep in mind that very large images can cause scrolling, and some clients, such as Outlook, can crop images with a height of more than 1728 pixels.


While “constant contact image size” is the height and width of the image, “constant contact image file size” is the amount of storage space that your image will occupy. Factors such as image size and compression will affect the file size of your image.

Constant contact will not allow you to upload a file larger than 5 MB. If your file is too large, here are some steps you can take to reduce its size:

  • If your image editor has the option “Save for Web devices” or “Optimize” the image, select a resolution that reduces the image file size to less than 5 MB.
  • Don’t forget to align all the layers when saving the final image. This will help reduce the file size.
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Keep in mind that uploading large images to the subscriber’s mailbox may also take longer. If you have any problems, try saving images smaller than 1 MB each.

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Constant Contact FAQ

Are there stock photos for Constant Contact?

Constant Contact has partnered with Shutterstock to offer access to a stock photo gallery that includes millions of royalty-free stock photos and professional quality images. Images can be purchased or free. You can add them to the Library for use in emails, surveys, surveys, and social campaigns.

Can I Use GIF in Constant Contact?

Did you know you can embed GIFs in Constant Contact campaigns? That’s right! GIFs can be uploaded and inserted just like regular images.

Can PDF be uploaded to Constant Contact?

Constant Contact has a PDF to-Email function. This allows users to upload PDF files directly into an email template.

Is it possible to upload a video to Constant Contact?

For videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia, insert a video block. It’s easy to add a YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia video to your email. Drag and drop the video block wherever you like, then add the URL to your video. A new tab will open for the video when your contacts click the thumbnail.

Can Constant Contact integrate With Canva?

You can connect to Constant Contact to easily create and insert graphics directly into emails that you have created using Canva’s Cross-Device Editor, Custom Landing Pages, Survey pages, or Shoppable Landing Page tools.

How frequently should Constant Contact emails be sent?

Sometimes, you may be afraid to send more emails because you fear you might bug people. Marketing Sherpa’s survey found that more than 60% of customers prefer an email from brands at least once a week.

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, when creating images for Constant Contact emails, it is important to keep in mind file size, dimensions, and resolution. By following the guidelines set forth in this article, you can ensure that your images are optimally sized for Constant Contact and look their best in your email campaigns.

Constant Contact offers online tools to help businesses launch an email marketing campaign and achieve the desired result.

I hope the guide on constant contact image size shared in this post helps you create better emails.

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