Change is everywhere


In 1977 about the time computer was initiated, many Secretaries clenched to their typewriter and mocked the emergence of the white box. But within a space of time, those who can’t handle the white box were replaced by those who saw the change coming and bought into it.

In 2010, Nokia produced a new phone, with all glass interface but with a Symbian operatives’ system. Within a month of its launch, Android opened sales with HTC sampling its hardware and boom, my latest Nokia Xseries became Purewater in my hands. The things Android could do was only a dream for my Nokia Xseries.  Nokia in one moment lost years and resources of research of the Xseries.  That is change, it happens to everything.

Samsung saw the change and they became the second device to run on Android and their Galaxies lighted up in nations of the world.

This sudden change led to Nokia struggling to capture some part of the market share they had once ruled and controlled but could not. They had to close down their research centers in Finland, Japan, Thailand, and China. Even, the Nokia brand had to be sold to Microsoft.

BlackBerry a bipolar power in the mobile phone world that once enjoyed hegemony with Nokia couldn’t compete for market share due to the emergence of Android. Their Q series was abandoned and all their effort to stand was crippled by the change. That is Change for you. Later they had to take advantage of Android’s free software acquisition and advancement policy. Now, you can see Androids in Nokia and blackberry interfaces.

COVID 19 is the new change happening on us all. According to Forbes, more than 22 million Americans have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus. No one can estimate the number of job losses in Nigeria. Recession is our new reality.

The truth of the matter is: COVID 19 had changed the world, the way we do things, our routine, needs, behavior and our perspectives. Yet, humanity needs to continue interactions with others and his environment in the faces of changing times.

Companies and organizations had new needs; banks now sourced for means to attend to their inner and outer customers without their presence. Governments are now revisiting the “cashless” policy. The Internet has had more visits than other news before it.

If going fully digital is the new norm, then speed had to be enhanced. 5G promised us so much speed and enhanced interactions: Teleportation, cloning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), etc. Could it be the new haven?

Webinars, Zoom, and WhatsApp drew staff closer to their workplace but in the confines of their home. Zoom had a larger number of downloads more than they had ever had. Facebook started working on messenger to be able to take in conference calls of about 50 to 100 people. Whatsapp became a very useful meeting ground.

People who had android phones but are limited to calls and messages had to learn how to use emails. Members of organizations who are not technologically savvy lost their jobs.

After the novel pandemic, things will not return to normal with the shape the world had changed into.

This is the best time to be attitude ready, do not have a narrowed perspective. Take advantage of Positioning and Differentiation. The coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon but we long for a cure, so we can treat it like any other disease mankind is prone to. So, get an edge now for future occurrences.

Originally posted 2020-06-10 17:07:17.

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