Here's How You Can Race For Your Career In The Uae

Here’s How You Can Race For Your Career in the Recent Increase in the UAE Job Market

2020 was one of the toughest years due to the pandemic where one was battling from Covid’19 having severe health issues and the fear of losing the job. Many of the employees were fired as there was no place in the market. It was causing a great depression yet still many of the bravest souls stood firm against the storm of downfall in employment,

But as we can see things are getting back on track slowly although we are aware that nothing can be like before. Hey, wait! Maybe things can get a lot better. Right? Do not lose hope, if you are looking for a job. As the recruiters in the UAE have said that it is expected to see a growth in the number of job vacancies as we will see a good chance in the employment market.

So, hush! Lose no hope. Meanwhile, you can work on your CV by enrolling in some courses that you think can be relatable to your field or you can learn some new skills that you can add to your CV. It is time to have a fresh start. It is time to update your old CV. How can you do that? You can hire professional writers who are experts in writing curriculum vitae, cover letters, and much through the best CV writing service right away!

Which skills will get back with a bang?

Starting a life and career in a new normal and then finally being able to see a positive change in the recruiting process is what we all are excited about. But you know what? There may be a few positions vacant for the job you are looking for that means it will be tougher competition.

You need to master yourself with the best rising skills in the town because there is no place for old techniques. Develop the best skills to increase your chances to be hired. We are listing below some of the skills that can help you win the game in this tough time. Go through it once and prepare yourself the best!

Work on your artificial intelligence

We can see a rise in artificial intelligence and machine learning skills. Many of the corporations have started depending to the fullest on AI. It is because our world has become cyberspace bringing everything to our fingertips.

You can notice that Uber or Careem drivers use maps to get guidance on their phones. These maps advise them which way to pick and which route is the best for them and in how many minutes they can cover that route.

The same goes for eCommerce websites.  You can see the suggestions you are getting based on your search history or if we talk about Facebook or Instagram then you can note what you had uttered a few minutes or hours ago popping up in front of you.

How all of it is possible? These websites or companies have started using the artificial intelligence which can help them gain a lot of profit from it. So you can join courses or do a diploma in AI that will open doors of success in front of you. This skill would be widely used in the near future and you will see an increase in AI jobs.

Focus on Problem-solving skills

Although it is not any newest skill that you need to develop. But it is one of the oldest tactics how well you can take your work.

It is your power that you need to revive by knowing the fact employment sector has faced a severe downfall and eventually there would be a lot of problems that you have to look after with more responsibility.

The best practice is before you apply for a job for a specific position; you can search for the problems that your particular field can face. You can come up with solutions that how you can tackle these problems easily.

Or you can connect with professionals on LinkedIn and ask them about their experience in your particular field and any tips they would like to suggest to you so that you can be fully prepared!

Do not hesitate in accepting Change

Accepting change should be the first priority of employees, to roll according to the environment and adapting new ways is important for the future. As we are not aware of what may come in the future or what we have to go through, but because of what we have already experienced in recent years – we should be fully prepared to accept change.

Accepting change and molding oneself according to the change has become a necessity over time. It may be difficult at first but with time you will get used to it.

During the 2021 pandemic, we can see how employees started working from home. News channels anchors were also managing their tough work from home. In-person conferences were shifted to videoconferencing and zoom meetings and so on. And it only happened because employees were okay with the change.


It is time for you to race for your career as things have started to change. Employees have seen the worst employment rate through this pandemic but luckily thanks to many professional cover letter writing companies, people have thrived and everything is coming back to its track. So you can grip the rope tightly and climb the top of the mountains with your dedication, hard work, and quality of not giving up! Hope you achieve much more.

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