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How to Make a Career Change at 40 – 10 Steps

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Planning a Career Change is one of the most crucial steps of life! This is the first stage that provides the person with a gateway to enter professional and corporate life. Career planning serves as the foundation of your future plan and a turn of your life that could be either golden or black!

Agreeing with the fact that career planning is not an easy task at all, many people may lose their focus and get confused due to the availability of options. This may end up in making the worst career decisions along with massive loss in professional life.

Making successful career choices could be difficult for so many of us. Obviously, we never know which field is going to rise and shine in the future and when? But being proficient right in the beginning, taking a deep insight into different industries, and planning out everything effectively could save you from ending up in a difficult situation.

Career changes, career development and progression, career counseling, and career planning are essential topics that should be discussed right from the early schooling days.


Career planning, or career management, refers to the strategy that a person uses to determine his career goals and future aims. This is the combination of structured planning and the active management choice of an individual’s professional career.

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The career management cycle covers all the levels of career progression, counseling, development, and mid-career change. While planning the career, one has to identify and choose his professional path that could suit his personality, interests, and life objectives. One can do the self-evaluation test as well to check if he is on the right career track.

Staying open-minded, taking the opinions of others, managing the self-assessment, exploring different careers, identifying the career, and making the proper action plan is what one should revise before getting entering into professional life and choosing a career.

The experts stated that a career plan is highly important as this could help manage the career direction. The job skills and the knowledge that you need to sustain in this competitive market also enhance with the help of a career plan. Also, the major objectives of the career become manageable with the help of a career plan.

A career change can be understood as the process of switching the career after spending at least 15 to 20 years in one field. Closer to the concept of retirement and doing something other than the previous job, career change is usually made after spending two good decades in one field.


Stepping into a new career and switching from your current field to another is relatively common nowadays. A mid-life career change can help you to achieve work happiness that could decrease the overall stress levels.

Obviously, going to work each day is definitely something which you don’t enjoy for sure! Switching a career is not only common but has also become easier for people as they gain enough confidence after spending a good time period in one industry.

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In a nutshell, a career change at the age of 40 would help you to become more confident, and you would be able to make a switch easily. Good career change also affects health and relationship positively. Also, you can leverage the current experience into transferable skills.

Below, we have broken down 10 steps to help you make a career change efficiently at the age of 40. Have a look.

Define the path and way:

Make a clear path for yourself and answer all of your whys. Ensure to have reasons and a backup for all the claims. Before jumping into the field, don’t forget to conduct extensive research for yourself.

Stay ready for all the odds and unexpected:

Be ready for the negativity. A career change could be problematic in the very beginning, and you may feel left out. But that’s okay! Expect everything from a career change and fight all the odds effectively.

Take a risk and let the fear go away:

The masters penned, career change is clearly a risk with massive chances of being failed! But this is the high time when you should get paid rightly for your skills. Let the fear go away!

Have a support system:

Keep a backup always! Not having anyone to support you can make you demotivated, and obviously, no one likes that! Have a friend circle that could uplift you. Also, keep your financial backup!

Keep learning and connecting:

Engage with the larger community over LinkedIn and get connected with the professionals of your field. Keep growing and learning to enhance your skillset and to have more reach over social media.

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Get into the shoes right away:

Wear those new shoes right away! If you are getting a unique opportunity, avail it without even going negative. Career change is always possible!

Focus on your entire skillset:

Check out your entire skillset and notice all your strengths. Your vital areas would help you land a new job and make your new career switch a lot easier.

Tailor and reshape the resume:

Revamp your resume again and again before applying for the career change. Reshape the entire resume and put up your great of experience along with the best of the skills.

Sell your skills and market effectively:

Marketing your skills would help you to make a perfect career switch. Make sure to write briefly about yourself and your skills, and the contributions you have made in the past.

Work consistently:

Keep working consistently with patience. Search for the companies that offer good training for career change employees. Make the career switch after conducting thorough research.


With the help of the above 10 steps, you can make a great career switch. Incorporate the steps smartly, revamp the entire resume, and conduct thorough research among the industries to make a career change! Switching your career at 40 could be beneficial, but all you need is excellent research and some dedication to land the job of your choice.

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