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Let’s help each other with awesome business ideas list to help people figure out the business in Nigeria to start and make money.

Have you won a lottery, inherited some money from a relative who departed, or perhaps you’ve been working for a long time in your place of full-time employment, and you’ve got some money in the bank?

Finding out profitable business ideas that you can start and make money in Nigeria can be a serious challenge.

Especially when you are avoiding cheap ideas like those businesses you can start with N100,000 or less.


You may want to explore ideas for businesses that require serious investment but have high earning potential.

In this post, I have prepared a business ideas list of profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start and make money.


In case you’re searching for ideas for a business you can start in Nigeria, below is a rundown of 175 profitable business ideas you can exploit today to grow a productive business.

Research the market, make a plan, find the resources that will be required, create the partnerships you need, deal with the financials and get your business started.

  1. Set up a chicken hatchery
  2. Apiculture (Bee farming)
  3. Establish a Piggery
  4. Cornflakes Production
  5. Establish a grain grocery
  6. Instant coffee powder production
  7. banana wafers
  8. make and sell Ice cream
  9. Start an animal feed plant
  10. Dog breeding
  11. Start a dairy farm
  12. Fruit juice canning
  13. Production of powder milk
  14. decorticated cashew nut business
  15. Make and sell coconut cream
  16. Biscuits Bakery
  17. Make and sell chili sauce
  18. Start a Fruit salad processing business
  19. Rear local hens for local eggs
  20. Mayonnaise cream Production
  21. Mats Production
  22. Bread Bakery
  23. Juice extraction business
  24. Cheese production
  25. Yoghurt Production
  26. Dry bones fertilizers business
  27. Fish Smoking Plant
  28. Make and sell curry powder
  29. Fish pickles
  30. Start a fruit Drying by Osmo-air dehydration plant
  31. Jewelry production
  32. poultry feeds Production
  33. Plant watermelons
  34. Dehulling of sesame seeds
  35. Producing groundnut paste
  36. Establishing a soya flour processing plant
  37. Processing soya flour
  38. Rice hulling plant
  39. Establishing an oilseed extraction plant
  40. Establishing a cupcake manufacturing plant
  41. Setting up a poultry processing plant
  42. Production of fruit cheese
  43. Establishing an ice cream plant
  44. Turkey packing business
  45. Production of fruit squash
  46. Production of citrus peel candy
  47. Activated carbon from coconut shell
  48. Production of tomato sauce & paste
  49. Production of adhesive plywood
  50. Banana fiber products
  51. Production of dried oyster mushrooms
  52. Tomatoes greenhouse busuness
  53. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  54. Production of activated carbon from rice husks
  55. Cattle raising business
  56. Butter production
  57. Production of biofertilizers
  58. Cocoanuts Processing
  59. Green tea powder
  60. Cultivation and marketing of flowers
  61. Production of natural fiber yarn (ropes)
  62. Production of bamboo products
  63. Production of sisal fiber handicrafts
  64. Production of decorticated cashew nut
  65. Essence extraction from curry leaves
  66. Start Food vending
  67. Establishing a way-side restaurant
  68. Mobile food vending
  69. Production of expanded pet
  70. pre-foams for packaging
  71. Manufacturing metal fasteners
  72. Production of wax candles
  73. Manufacturing of fishing hooks
  74. Plastic bricks
  75. Crocheting and embroidery
  76. Paint manufacturing
  77. Manufacturing half bricks
  78. Production of cotton t-shirts
  79. Manufacturing of ball-pen refills
  80. Manufacturing mosquito repellant cream
  81. Production of herbal bath soap
  82. Production of aluminum powder
  83. Production of artificial silk flower
  84. Production of plastic bangles
  85. Production of buckets
  86. Screen printing unit
  87. Start producing Horn buttons
  88. Production of leather sandals
  89. Production of fancy leather gloves
  90. Production of shoe polish
  91. Manufacturing printing ink
  92. Toothbrush production
  93. Production of rubber bands
  94. Water Distillation
  95. Manufacturing plastic containers
  96. Production of herbal deodorant
  97. Production of school bags
  98. Production of liquid laundry soap
  99. Production of air freshener
  100. Produce frying pans
  101. Production of rubber washers
  102. Production of rubber stamps
  103. Production of office glue
  104. Production of pencils
  105. Production of wax crayons
  106. Production of disinfectant fluids
  107. Manufacturing of rubber molded products
  108. Production of ready-made garments
  109. Manufacturing of rubber erasers
  110. Production of exercise books
  111. Production of designer cotton bags
  112. Production of paper envelopes
  113. Manufacturing of serviettes
  114. Set up a beauty saloon
  115. Production of plastic ropes
  116. Plastic Recycling
  117. Manufacturing Bolts and nuts
  118. Production of Leather Purses
  119. Manufacturing of spray paint
  120. Printed shopping bag production
  121. Cotton mosquito nets
  122. Shoe repairing business
  123. Production mosquito coil
  124. Production of rubber balloons
  125. Production of spindle tapes
  126. Production of bicycle carrier seats
  127. Synthetic gem cutting and polishing
  128. Production of cleaning powder
  129. Production of toothpowder
  130. Knitting of woolen knitwear
  131. Glasswares Decoration
  132. Flower vases production
  133. Production of plastic bottle caps
  134. Manufacturing of bathroom sandals
  135. Manufacturing rubber adhesive
  136. Mobile fuel distribution
  137. Decoration of ceramic ware
  138. Manufacturing of wire nails
  139. Manufacturing leather belts
  140. Manufacturing carbon paper
  141. Manufacturing of nail polish
  142. Production of natural rubber adhesives
  143. Make Paint brushes and bristle brushes
  144. Refining of used lubrication oil
  145. Power Inverters Production
  146. Spectacle frames production
  147. Make and sell envelopes
  148. Production of Zinc Sulphate
  149. Silver extraction from wastes
  150. Black Soil Brick production
  151. Low Dust Chalk production
  152. Make pottery products
  153. Make clay pipes
  154. Brass & bronze items castings
  155. Cement brick production
  156. Video filming and motion graphics
  157. Start your own online music and bookstore
  158. Dry cleaner services
  159. Refrigeration service
  160. Roof cleaning business
  161. Set up a bar or wine shop
  162. Establish a Video theatre
  163. Portable medical first aid kits
  164. Make and Sell Disposable Syringes
  165. Branded tourist hotel business
  166. Build a safe car park
  167. Compound Designing
  168. Manhole covers Production
  169. Cement-based products
  170. Start a metal workshop
  171. Production of mosaic terrazzo tiles
  172. Establish a campsite
  173. Start a Secondary school
  174. Motor Vehicles Servicing
  175. Wood Seasoning


I hope you have been able to see at least one business you can start in Nigeria from this business ideas list.

Business people coordinate resources and use them to gain money for solving problems.

Before you start chasing your dream of the world you want to create.

Build up a reasonable mission for your business.

Get your financial aspects precise and simple.

Write down your essential objectives making them quantifiable with figures and a course of events.

Check the figures from time to time to be sure they are still adding up.

Your strategies will ride on your resources to help you accomplish your purpose, so keep learning, stay focused and be resourceful.

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