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Breaking Science News: New Device Invention In 2021

Science News today is on the catheter device.
Scientist in the lab [file-from-pexel] on RINDX
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Breaking Science News today is on the catheter device.
Image of a Scientist in the lab with a skeletal sketch [file-from-pexel] on RINDX

 Breaking Science News: A device has been developed by today’s best Scientists for a quicker and less invasive blood vessel repairs. 

 Science news today has today’s best Scientists led by Nanyang Technology University (NTU) located in Singapore, with the development of a new device for quick blood vessel repairs.

 The device has a faster and less invasive process of sealing tears and holes in the blood vessel with the use of an electrically activated glue patch which is applied with a less invasive balloon catheter. 

This is an anatomy blood vessel.
An anatomy blood cell vessel [file-pixably] on RINDX

 According to the Associate Professor Terry Steele,  

“The system that we developed is potentially the answer to the currently unmet medical need for a minimally-invasive technique to repair arteriovenous fistulas (an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein) or vascular leaks, without the need for open surgery. With Voltaglue and the catheter device, we open up the possibility of not having to make surgical incisions to patch something up inside – we can send a catheter-based device through to do the job.”

Breaking Science News: The Benefits Of The Device

 The device with breaking science news today on RINDX, is beneficial in replacing the need for keyhole surgery to patch up internal blood vessel repairs.

 Subsequently after appropriately, inputting the catheter into the blood vessel, Voltaglue (the glue patch) can be guided to, and activated at the location of the tear in the body.

 The activation is done via the use of retractable electrodes to glue it shut in the matter of minutes.

 Take note that all these are done without any surgical cut at all.


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 The Breaking science news today about VOLTAGLUE, “A new type of adhesive that works in wet environments and hardens when a voltage is applied to it,” can be accorded to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and NTU’s today’s best Scientists.

Breaking Science News On The Catheter Device The Deploys The VOLTAGLUE

 It is worth knowing that the catheter device that decodes Voltaglue is cooperatively developed by the Associate Prof. Terry Steele who is from the Nanyang Technology University (NTU) School of Materials Science and Engineering, Associate Professor Ellen Roche from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science at MIT, and Dr Manisha Singh, former NTU PhD student who is now at MIT in the United States of America.

  Referencing their findings, the researchers have the vision that someday the device will be used for delivering patches to repair birth defects.

My Opinion On The Invention

 So far so good, I learnt the device was used for an experiment in an explanted pig aorta connected to a mock heart, conditioned with a continuous blood flow of 10ml per minute. The outcome was positive as 3mm detect was closed with the use of the device.

 Also, I believe this device will be of great help to the medical sectors including the personnels and students, not excluding patients.

 What do you think?



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Breaking Science News on RINDX
Source: Inside Telecom

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