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10 Best Website Builders for Blogs – Blogging Platforms Free to Use

What are the most suitable platforms and best website builders for blogs?

If you have decided to start a small blog, but do not know where to start, then you have come to the right place. Today I will tell you about several platforms where you can start conducting your activities.

When you start a blog, you need to choose a blogging platform on which you can create your blog. And since there are so many blogging platforms available to choose from, it can be really hard to find one that suits your needs.

Once you have launched your blog, switching to another platform can be very painful and expensive. Thus, it is necessary to choose the best platform from the very beginning of your blog journey.

To save hours of research and simplify your task, in this article I will talk about the most popular blog platforms and their pros and cons to help you choose the best blogging platform.



The WordPress website builders for blogs provide everyone with the opportunity to create websites in both blog and non-blog versions.

In order to start using WordPress – you do not need to graduate from university or learn to code. It is enough just to look at several video tutorials on the Internet on setting up the system and how to start publishing your blog posts, as well as how to present these posts to your reader in the most convenient way to read.

If you decide to create your own mini-store on WordPress – this is also possible. All you need to do is to install the WooCommerce plugin from the admin dashboard of your website and you can start selling your products.

And the most important thing is that WooCommerce, as well as WordPress itself, is provided to you absolutely free of charge!


If for some reason, you still are unable to set up the WordPress CMS yourself, do not get upset! It’s just possible that this system is not for you or you need someone who enjoys working with WordPress to help with the configuration.

By the way, I can help you with creating a WordPress website or blog for a very modest fee, I will not only install and configure the WordPress CMS but also give recommendations on how best to promote your website and optimize it for search.


Blogger, blogging platforms free

Unlike WordPress, the open-source CMS listed earlier, Blogger is a separate online service that provides everyone with a free place to host their blogs.

It is important to note that by becoming a user of this service (owned by Google), you are freed from the need to install any software yourself. Everything is already installed on your behalf.

This is one of the reasons why Blogger is considered as on of the best website builders for blogs, especially for starters.

By the way, a nice feature for a team of authors – if you want to blog together with friends – this feature is already provided by the system. In addition, you can set your site to have your Personal name, and “the cherry on the cake” you can also place advertising banners on the pages of your blog and earn money.

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JOOMLA, best website builders for blogs

The second most popular CMS is Joomla, it may not be the best website for starting a blog for beginners because in terms of configuration, Joomla is more complex than WordPress. However, this does not detract from its advantages when creating websites or blogs.

Joomla is a full-featured website builder for bloggers and other online business on which you can create a business card website, an online store, and even your own Social Network. However, since this article is written to familiarize writers with the basics of free blogging website creation – we inform you that you can create a website on Joomla, Joomla offers huge opportunities for scaling your website.

By the way, Joomla (as well as WordPress) is provided for its users for free.


wix, best website builder for blogger

Wix, one of the best website builders for blogs, Wix has created over 100 million websites including many blogs. Being an extremely popular website builder, Wix allows you to create a wide variety websites for business.

For example, you can easily create a personal blog, portfolio, landing page on the Wix designer, and most importantly, thanks to its design features, all this can be combined into one whole, and even add the function of an online store.

In general, it is a very convenient solution for people who are professionally engaged in journalism, poetry, or writing books.

It is very easy to maintain websites on Wix, as well as to create them. You can make sure of this if you have the skill to work with the Word program.

As for the expansion of the site’s functionality, there are more than 250 addons in the Wix app store.

However, there is a small BUT! The fact is that since you will have to configure all the standard pages manually, creating large portals on this platform may be a difficult task and you may have to pay to add some features, yet Wix is one amongst the best website builders for blogs.

More details can be read on this specific Wix review


Weebly, best website builders for blogs

Weebly is another popular, free online service, thanks to its software component, Weebly is considered one of the best website builders for blogs because it allows users to create websites in WYSIWYG mode, without mastering programming skills, and other technical skills.

Weebly is among the best website for starting a blog because the creation of website is carried out in a very short time, on Weebly each element can be placed where you would like it to be.

It is also worth noting that in addition to the works themselves, you can also post photos and videos on the site, Google, as well as links to social networks through which more and more new fans of your publication will come to your blog.

If necessary, you can also place ads on your blog created with Weebly, and thereby monetize your content.

If in the process of working with the service, you decide to expand the functionality of your site, you will be required to make payment.


It is unlikely that you will find a Novice blogger without programming skills who would not have heard about the uCoz website builder. At the moment, not less than 20 million websites have been created using Ucuz.

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uCoz is one of the best website builders for bloggers that is free of charge and has a well-thought-out functionality, uCoz occupies one of the leading places in the Alexa Internet rating.

Among its users you can meet: freelancers and top consultants, hairdressers, and other small business owners. And of course, there is a big place for Bloggers.

So, what can you create on uCoz? First of all, these are personal websites and blogs. You can also create mini-stores on uCoz to sell your own products via the Internet.


If you are an influencer or public figure, and you do not have enough time to write extensive posts or reports, I advise you to get acquainted with the microblogging service “Tumblr”.

Thanks to this online platform, you can easily share your thoughts, photos, videos, GIFs, and other media files with the world. And if you are interested in the ideas of other members or bloggers on the network, you can subscribe to them.

By the way, an important fact is that at the moment, in the network, there are not less than 300 million registered users worldwide, making one of the best website for starting a blog.


Medium is an incredibly popular platform in the West, it is also among the best website for starting a blog.

The creators of Medium are the same team that previously developed Twitter. However, unlike it, Medium is a full-fledged platform for hosting blogs.

The majority of the users are usually writers and journalists, politicians and businessmen. Therefore, if you belong to one of these social groups, think about Medium.

It is very easy to create your own page in Medium. It is enough to simply register in it via Google, Twitter or Facebook. By the way, with this type of registration, all your users in these Networks will be automatically subscribed to you via Medium.

Google sites

As it is not difficult to guess, the service “Google sites” belongs to the multinational corporation Google. For users with a Google account, the service provides free hosting for their sites with a volume of up to 100 MB.

The structure of the created sites is based on wiki technology and allows you to activate Google Docs, YouTube, Google Calendar, and other Google services during the creation of the site.

The sites themselves can be both publicly accessible and accessible by password. It is worth noting that the design of Google sites is significantly inferior to similar free site builders like Wix and Weebly.

You can only specify the color, size, and name of the font. By the way, the placement of contextual advertising on Google sites is prohibited. And this can be a significant disadvantage for those who planned to receive income from blogging.

Best Website Builders for Blogs


  1. – Blogabond is dedicated to travel notes, travel, movement and interaction of a person with a map.
  2. – BlogCheese is for hosting video blogs
  3. Freevlog -The Freevlog platform is also designed for storing videos and is ABSOLUTELY free to use.
  4. – BusyThumbs is platform for blogs conducted from smartphones and photos taken on the phone. You can even publish messages to BusyThumbs blog using SMS.
  5. – is some people’s best website for creating a blog for sharing messages about their journey.
  6. – offers free blog hosting with unlimited storage space, when using paid accounts, there are more opportunities for work.
  7. – is designed for storing videos and photos, as well as a large selection in creating podcasts.
  8. – BlogSpirit offers a 30-day trial subscription but subsequently offers little storage space for information.
  9. – Xanco is another moblogging platform for bloggers who need a platform to share all their joys and lifestyle with friends and family.
  10. – Ufem is a blogging platform designed specifically for women. There are several themes and plugins available.
  11. – WordPress hosted services based on the earlier mentioned WordPress CMS platform, this makes it one of the best website builders for blogs.
  12. – Blogsome originally from Ireland is one of the best website for creating a blog that offers several templates, anti-spam, this site uses the WordPress MU platform, a large selection of themes.
  13. – is a WordPress-based blogging platform for teachers.
  14. offers free image hosting in addition to a free blog.
  15. – is a blog hosting platform that allows you to build a blog on the site, and even open it for cooperation.
  16. – is a free blog hosting with RSS feed and much more.
  17. – ClearBlogs offers free blog hosting, offers templates, IP filtering, and much more.
  18. – Etribes is a European-based platform, Etribes allows you to create all kinds of sites, including a blog.
  19. – Multiply is a mix made up of blogs and social networks, with photo galleries and much more.
  20. – is a free blog and wiki for private or public display with 2GB of memory.
  21. – is a platform for creating blogs with an emphasis on traffic generation.
  22. – allows you to build your blog with numerous topics, you can also add other features of the site.
  23. – Terapad is a good blog hosting, provides built-in functions for creating a store.
  24. – Tooum is a fully integrated blog and forum. allows for continuous and connected communication between topics.
  25. Windows Live space – Free blogs for your MSN account, the only drawback is that readers also need to have an account.
  26. – is a free blog hosting, offers 250 MB of free space.
  27. LiveJournal – is a popular hosting service where bloggers have found their place. LiveJournal is a blogging platform free and popular in Russia
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