“Be You”A poem about appreciating and being who you are.

You are dark and;

She is fair
Yes! both are complexion
But why do you take an obsession in changing who you are
and why does she take an obsession in making you feel inferior
Listen! both are complexion.
He created you in the best of form without your knowledge
So, why do you think HE needs your consent before HE made you dark 
and why does she thinks she chooses to be fair when her consent wasn’t sought
Both are complexion.
You do not have to tell your Lord HE is imperfect because HE made you ebony with flat boobs and boom
because, HE is the PERFECTIONIST.
She does not have to wear the garment of proudness and act like she is her maker because she is fair and has the curves.
Both are human.
The more you remain who you are,
the more appreciative you become.
and the more she rips off the garment of racism and discrimination,
the more humble she becomes.
Knows what’s best for you
So, why choose the worst for yourself
Everytime you go through the pain of restructuring and repairing the plastic surgery that’s planted in your body.
Everytime you go extravagant on expensive creams and oils you use to maintain your reconstructed body.
Why do you choose pain instead of pleasure?
Why do you take measures that are dangerous to your existence?
Because, you think she is better being fair.
But, you are ugly being an ebony.
Your maker wouldn’t create you in an inferior manner
So, anytime you are asked why you are this complexion or that,
Or anytime you are questioned of your shape;
Be bold to direct them to HIM
Allah A’azawajal (God )
Because He has answers to everything.
       Sakeenah Abdullateef

Originally posted 2020-05-24 23:04:27.

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