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Are All Solitaire Games Winnable?

Chance and likelihood of winning are not the same things. There might be a way to win, but the player might need help finding it. Because of how these two odds work together, solitaire games are both challenging and fun.

When the odds of winning a game are low, but the player wins in a breeze, this is usually because the players are good at it and know how to find the best way to win.

Suppose you are still curious if you can win every type of Solitaire game like what’s in, then this article is for you.

Can I win every game of Solitaire?

Technically, you can not always win, but some things can make it easier to win a game. Solitaire is a general name for many different card games with different rules and odds of winning.

Even though the odds of winning change from game to game, no one value is always correct. So, there’s no way to ensure you can win 100% of solitaire games. But this isn’t meant to stop anyone from playing. Even though some solitaire games cannot be beaten, many can.

The Odds of a Solitaire Game

Indeed, almost 80% of the games of Solitaire can be won. But this doesn’t mean players win 80% of the time when they bet. A player’s move is essential in determining who wins a game, and one wrong choice could make it impossible to win a game that could be a win.

If there are more ways to win at a game, there are more ways to win. But a game with only one way to win is challenging because it’s easy to make a mistake that makes it impossible to solve.

The Winning Odds in Solitaire Klondike

The most played Solitaire game is Klondike. People often use the word “solitaire” to describe this type.

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It’s the most studied Solitaire game because it’s so popular, but it’s hard to determine whether you can win. Too many questions remain since experts have to consider where each card could be and how to win.

Since the players don’t know where the cards are, they must rely on luck to find and play the right cards to win.

The Winning Odds in Spider Solitaire

According to, out of a sample collected based on 932,087 randomly selected Spider Solitaire games played from their platform, players achieved victory in 487,429 instances, resulting in an overall win rate of 52.29%. When comparing the difficulty levels across different variations of the game, it becomes evident that 1 Suit is significantly easier to win, being more than three times easier than the 2 Suits version, which has a win rate of 16.6%. Furthermore, 1 Suit is eight times easier to win than the 4 Suits version, where the win rate drops to a mere 6.2%.

In Spider Solitaire, the cards are also face-down and hidden from the player, like in Klondike.

With this version, most studies agree that this game can be won 98.8% to 99.9% of the time. In theory, there’s a good chance of winning every game, regardless of how many suits there are.

Some games only have one way to win; if the player makes a mistake or goes a different way, they can’t win. In a regular game of Spider Solitaire, players don’t know where each card is, which makes it more likely they’ll go down the wrong path.

You’ll win in about 1 in 3 games, but the odds change based on how many suits are used. Plus, if you can, take steps back.



What is a 1-Card and 3-Card Deal?

One card requires 76 moves, while three cards require 60 moves.

For those who play the one-card deal, this means that 24 cards are easy to choose, giving you 24 moves without having to think about them. Sorting the cards takes 24 steps; there will be 76 moves without going backward.

After showing one card in a three-card deal, you won’t know anything about the other two cards. Since each move shows three cards, you can only draw and add cards one at a time and only eight times. Then, the 24 moves that happen automatically when cards are added to the pile add up to 60.

What are the four hands in Solitaire?

In every solitaire game, there are four hands.

  • Hands of Victory
  • 50/50 hands (Depending on their move, they can win or lose the game.)
  • Games that are impossible to win; there is no way to win.
  • A game that cannot be played and players may be dealt a wild deck card.

It will help if you familiarize yourself with the odds of each game so you can determine what hand you have right away.

Am I Likely To Lose At Solitaire?

Solitaire can be difficult to master. Due to the random shuffling of the cards, 21% of solitaire games are impossible to win. Beginners are more likely to lose because they need help understanding how to play the game correctly.

A Solitaire game can become unwinnable in several ways:

  • When a player runs out of moves, the game is considered “stuck” and cannot be won.
  • If a player becomes stuck in a loop in which they keep moving the same card, the game is considered “stuck” and cannot be won.
  • The game is also considered “stuck” if there are no more possible moves, given the current state of the board.
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What To Do To Improve Winning Percentage in Solitaire

Here’s what you got to do if you have the following victory percentages:

If you are under 40%

It’s okay! Everyone starts as a beginner, so there’s always room for improvement. Try watching playthroughs and playing with someone who knows a lot about the game. You could start reading and putting what you’ve learned into practice.

If you are 40%-60%

You’re likely just an average player. Continue honing your skills by playing more Solitaire daily. It will also help if you continue to read and watch more Solitaire guides.

If you are more than 60%

Great job for reaching this percentage! Only some people can do this, but you can start to teach people your skills. Try confirming your techniques, and then be ready to share them! You can earn a living by doing guides and playing Solitaire with real bucks!

What’s the deal?

Almost all games of Solitaire are fun and thrilling. But they can be tricky, and even if you have a good plan, you might need help to pull it off.

So, don’t dwell too much on winning. Try to approach this game in a lighthearted manner since that is the primary goal of any game, of course. To relieve stress, lighten up, and have a good time.

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