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How to Fix AOL Email not Working with Outlook Problem (5 Methods)

If you are having trouble connecting to AOL email with Outlook, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the problem. Let’s see how to Fix AOL Email not Working with Outlook Problem using the steps in this post.

AOL is becoming one of the crucial parts of the email service platform because of its bewildering features which include

  • There are no limits on sending messages. You can send unlimited emails without coming under the spam category
  • You have full flexibility in linking your email account with another email account like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Attaching files becomes easy with a free size of up to 25MB
  • The highlight feature of AOL is that it supports various and almost all protocol that includes IMAP, POP, SMTP, and others.
  • Users are safe and secure; their email and data safety is protected here by scam protection features.

AOL features keep on counting but lately, AOL users were facing some problems regarding AOL mail not working with outlook.

If you are going through such an issue, you have landed at the right place. This guide is designed with the complete solution on aol not working, what are the reasons why AOL email not working with outlook, and how to fix it.

First, let’s check out all the possible reasons behind AOL not working in outlook

  1. Incoming Server details aren’t entered correctly
  2. Sync of AOL with outlook isn’t done properly and successfully
  3. Aol password gone under some changes
  4. Improper internet connection
  5. Aol or outlook is out of service
  6. Using an Incompatible browser that doesn’t suit or support AOL or Outlook
  7. Third-party app running along the process of AOL can create obstacles between AOL and outlook.
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It’s better to first try these general troubleshooting tips

  • Check on your configuration entries and make sure they are correctly entered.
  • Make sure that your internet connection is stable enough to run the configuration process smoothly.
  • Check if AOL or Outlook is shut or working properly.
  • Make sure your AOL email has enough space available to execute the process.
  • Remove and clean all the cache and cookies from your browser as well as AOL

Methods to fix AOL Email not working in outlook

Method1:- updating password

In case if you have changed your AOL user account password, then you need to update the changes on the email client too. To update your AOL password on email client follow these steps,

  • Go to the email account or account settings column of your app
  • Then click on the AOL email account and from there update your new password.

Method2:- Check incoming server

Changing or fixing the incoming server usually fixes the AOL not working issue. It is recommended to switch to IMAP from POP as IMAP works effectively with AOL email clients.

Incoming Mail (IMAP)

  • Server –
  • Port- 993
  • Requires SSL – yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

  • Server-
  • Port- 465
  • Requires SSL- Yes


Your login info

  • email address- your full email address (
  • password – your account’s password

Method3:- update email application

Make sure your AOL email is updated with the latest version because if you are still using an outdated version, then it might not go with the third-party app and won’t support other functions. Also, update the outlook email client for the proper synchronization.

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Method4: – Use Third-Party Software

Many third-party tools like SysTools and Kernel can help you to fix your problem. They are available free of cost and are very effective in fixing AOL not working in the outlook issue. Many of them offer a free trial and if you want you can also buy their premium version.

Method5: – How to use these third-party apps

  1. install any third-party app you want, let’s suppose Systools
  2. To the interface of Systool, launch the AOL mail backup tool by clicking on the download button.
  3. then next, enter all the details asked and click on the login button
  4. after logging in, choose PST format
  5. on the left corner, click on the apply filter and browse button
  6. Clicking on the browse button will save the output file to the desired location.
  7. With this, the process of adding AOL mail to PST format is completed successfully.

Now from here, we have to add AOL Mail to Outlook; here are the following steps on how to add mail to MS Outlook

  1. go to outlook, click on the File menu
  2. from the open button, click on the import/export options
  3. pick the file option and then hit on next button
  4. Now choose the PST File option and click on Continue to move further in the process.
  5. Now similarly to the above process, click on the browse button, from there select AOL file and click on next.
  6. The next step is to choose AOL data components that have to be imported and also check on the mailbox to import the data.
  7. Now you are done with the process of connecting AOL to outlook, at the end of the process, press the finish button to import the file.
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Thanks for reading this.

I hope you have been able to fix AOL Email not Working with Outlook Problem using the steps in this post.

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