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Leading Animated Explainer Videos Companies in 2022


There comes a moment when traditional marketing strategies cease functioning and are unable to generate revenues for the business. Integration of a new marketing approach becomes necessary at that point. Animated explainer videos are one of the most inventive and result-driven approaches to internet marketing.

Animated explainer videos have been shown to be effective in the digital realm over the years. It’s basically because people on the internet like to watch visual material rather than read long paragraphs, and the emotional connection between animations and people is a major reason why these explainer videos can be used as a potent marketing tool for firms.

If you are convinced that explainer videos have the capacity to boost your brand, there is one key thing you should be aware of. As effective as these explainer videos are, the demand for this type of material has skyrocketed, resulting in the introduction of a large number of animators into the business.

In order to help you choose a video animation company, we have listed over 10 of the leading video animation companies in this article. 

Leading Animated explainer videos Companies

  1. Animation Barrel
  2. Animation Cruise
  3. Animation Iconix
  4. Digital Iconix
  5. Logo Vibrant Australia
  6. Nerdo
  7. Switch Video
  8. Thinkmojo
  9. Website Cruise
  10. Website Iconix
  11. Website Turbix

Animation Barrel

Animation Barrel, explainer video company

Animation Barrel is a full service Animated explainer video company based in LA California that is known for creating one-of-a-kind animated videos for businesses that are trying to reach a certain level in their market. To catch customer attention, this organization collaborates directly with a number of well-known studios, agencies, and clients. providing a complete creative solution for explainer animation projects of all sizes

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This top animated video production firm has created excellent animated commercials and instructional films for startups, SMEs, and several well-known companies in its overall tenure.

Animation Cruise

Animation Cruise, explainer video maker

Animation Cruise, located in the United States, is a renowned explainer video creation firm. Their skilled animators are experts in 2D/3D animation, Motion Graphics, Explainer Videos, Product Animation, White Board Animation, Typography, and other sorts of animated videos. Over the years, they have built the company’s market position as the leading provider of video animation services.

Animation Cruise is acclaimed and recognized for supporting numerous businesses, including startups, SME’s, and other firms, in creating a strong digital presence via the use of attractive explainer videos. Businesses utilize eye-catching animated videos to appropriately explain difficult topics while keeping them interesting and entertaining.

Animation Iconix

Animation Iconix, explainer video production

Animation Iconix is a Houston, Texas-based explainer video production firm with offices in San Francisco, California. Iconix specializes in 2D/3D animation, explainer films, motion graphics, typography, product animation, whiteboard animation, and other sorts of animated videos.

Via engaging explainer films, they have assisted a plethora of organizations, including startups and other firms, in developing a strong web presence.

Animation is among the most effective marketing tools for firms to completely communicate their difficult concepts.

Their team of expert video animators and creative scriptwriters is dedicated to providing the best video animation services possible to assist businesses in doing more.

Digital Iconix

Digital Iconix, 2D animation services, animation service

This Animated explainer videos organization has been in business for over a decade and has always guaranteed its clients that they can tell them what they want and ignore the rest to their experienced team.

The team strives for optimized solutions and an optimum user experience. It offers visualizations, product simulations, and 3D and 2D animation services. It also attends to its clients’ advertising demands and ensures that they do not leave dissatisfied.

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Logo Vibrant Australia

Logo Vibrant Australia, video animators

Logo Vibrant is a multi-functional IT organization that provides well-thought-out and complete technical services to entrepreneurs and enterprises. Of course, they are tried-and-true methods that perform best – depending on the business area and category.

With a large team of skilled designers executing a well-planned marketing approach, success is simply a matter of time! Their teams operate with the notion that their clientele defines them, as they have grown mostly as a result of word-of-mouth advertising.

Among all of their skills, the creation of interesting animation has finally brought their work to the attention of people all over the world. All of the animators hired at logo vibrant have vast expertise and have worked for the company for many years.


Nerdo, professional animation maker

Nerdo is a professional animation firm that creates high-quality, captivating animated videos. Their engaging and promotional films are the reason businesses like to collaborate with them. Nerdo has a new approach to animation that benefits businesses and allows them to make more revenue.

Switch Video

Switch Video, cartoons company, animation business

Switch Video is a video animation firm that creates easy-to-understand cartoons that incorporate the most complicated ideas in a fun and attractive way. Their market proficiency has propelled them to greater heights and enabled them to establish a solid place in the animation business.

Think Mojo

Think Mojo, video animation service

Think Mojo attempts to create experiences that are forward-thinking while also projecting warmth and personality, and does everything with a planned and structured purpose.

Think Mojo has successfully garnered a lot of happy clients over the years with its amazing video animation services. Think Mojo also has a prospective pro team of video animators who are committed to giving utterly appealing video animation services to help your company succeed.

Website Cruise

Website Cruise is an animation video firm located in the United States that has earned a reputation for itself in the industry due to its ability to offer pure brilliance. It has expanded significantly in the animation sector as organizations often seek their services to obtain successful short animated explainer video advertising for marketing purposes.

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Website Cruise has received various awards and accolades from its customers for its animation services, which are significantly impacted by fun, creative, and aspirational films to capture the interest of the viewers. Even while the animation is a terrific method to convey a narrative and connect with your audience, things may quickly go wrong if you don’t have the proper experience and talents.

Website Iconix

the creative team of Website Iconix the “Industry Gurus” creates and designs animations that set industry milestones, propelling you to success.

This agency stresses product and service delivery by making the video as illuminating as the brightest star appears at night! We at Website Iconix provide flawless video animation services, allowing them to keep their clientele pleased and consistently amazed.

Website Turbix

Website Turbix, animated explainer video

Website Turbix is a prominent video animation business that has amassed a large following and established itself as the finest website video production company in a short period by giving high-quality work.

Professionals at Website Turbix have the ability and understanding to help you develop a strong brand in the industry while assuring your success.

Each of their staff strives to provide compelling content while keeping a mix of fun, friendliness, and productivity for their users/customers.

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