Ahrefs Evolve 2024

Ahrefs Evolve 2024: Singapore’s Must-Attend Digital Marketing Conference

Singapore is set to become the epicenter of digital marketing innovation this October as Ahrefs, a leader in the SEO industry, rolls out its inaugural international conference: Ahrefs Evolve 2024. The conference, scheduled for October 24-25 at the stunning Pan Pacific Orchard, promises to be a game-changer for professionals looking to sharpen their skills, network with the best in the industry, and gain insights from top experts worldwide.

For the first time, Ahrefs is bringing together 500 digital marketing enthusiasts from around the globe, creating an unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face interactions in an increasingly digital world. This event is not just about learning and growth but also about forming genuine connections with fellow professionals who share the same passion and drive for SEO and digital marketing.

As the digital landscape evolves at a rapid pace, staying updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques is crucial for success. Ahrefs Evolve 2024 is designed to equip attendees with actionable strategies and insights directly from the industry’s leading minds. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or a marketing newcomer, this conference offers something for everyone.

The event’s agenda is packed with keynote speeches, tactical talks, and panel discussions led by a stellar lineup of 18 internationally acclaimed speakers. From exploring the future of AI in SEO to mastering content marketing and digital PR, attendees will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to apply in their own work.

But it’s not all work and no play. Ahrefs Evolve 2024 also emphasizes the importance of networking and community building. With opportunities to meet, hang out, and build lasting relationships with professionals and executives from big brands and international agencies, the conference promises to be a lively and enriching experience.

A Stellar Line-Up of Ahrefs Evolve 2024 Speakers

Ahrefs Evolve 2024 has curated an extraordinary lineup of 18 industry experts, each poised to share their unique insights and cutting-edge strategies. Here’s a closer look at the thought leaders who will take the stage:

  • Aleyda Solis – Founder of Orainti, Aleyda is renowned for her expertise in international SEO and has been a pivotal figure in the SEO community for over a decade.
  • Amanda King – As a Marketing & SEO Consultant at FLOQ, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge on evolving SEO strategies to account for new AI search functions.
  • Andy Chadwick – Co-Founder of Keyword Insights, Andy specializes in keyword research and has developed innovative tools that are widely used in the industry.
  • Bernard Huang – Founder of Clearscope, Bernard is an authority on content optimization and AI-driven SEO tools.
  • Charlotte Ang – Managing Partner at Traffic Bees, Charlotte has extensive experience in driving SEO success for major brands through innovative strategies.
  • Cyrus Shepard – Founder of Zyppy SEO, Cyrus is a veteran SEO expert known for his engaging speaking style and deep knowledge of Google algorithms.
  • Fery Kaszoni – Owner of Search Intelligence Ltd, Fery is a master of digital PR and has helped numerous companies achieve significant growth through SEO.
  • James Norquay – As the Managing Director of Prosperity Media, James has a proven track record of success in the SEO industry, with numerous high-profile clients.
  • Jason Hennessey – CEO of Hennessey Digital, Jason is a leading voice in the SEO world, known for his data-driven approach to search marketing.
  • Lily Ray – Vice President of SEO Strategy and Research at Amsive, Lily is a thought leader in SEO with a focus on algorithm updates and content quality.
  • Marcus Ho – Founder of Brew Interactive, Marcus has been instrumental in helping businesses grow their online presence through strategic SEO and content marketing.
  • Nik Ranger – Senior Technical SEO at Dejan Marketing, Nik is celebrated for her technical SEO skills and comprehensive understanding of search engine algorithms.
  • Patrick Stox – Product Advisor, Technical SEO, & Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs, Patrick is a seasoned SEO expert with extensive experience in technical SEO.
  • Robert Lai – Founder of Kaliber Performance Marketing, Robert is known for his strategic approach to performance marketing and SEO.
  • Ryan Law – Director of Content Marketing at Ahrefs, Ryan has a knack for creating compelling content that drives engagement and results.
  • Tim Soulo – CMO of Ahrefs, Tim is a well-respected figure in the SEO community, known for his practical insights and expertise in digital marketing.
  • Sam Oh – VP of Marketing & Head of Video at Ahrefs, Sam is a dynamic speaker with deep knowledge of video marketing and SEO.
  • Victor Karpenko – CEO of SeoProfy, Victor is a leading expert in SEO with a focus on international markets and complex SEO strategies.
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What to Expect at Ahrefs Evolve 2024

Ahrefs Evolve 2024 is more than just a conference; it’s a convergence of ideas, strategies, and networking opportunities designed to empower digital marketers.

Here’s what attendees can look forward to:

Day 1 Highlights (October 24):

  • Conference Kickoff at 10:00 AM – The event begins with an opening address setting the stage for two days of learning and networking.
  • Sam Oh’s Keynote on “How We Became the Most Popular YouTube Channel in SEO” – Learn the secrets behind Ahrefs’ successful YouTube strategy.
  • Amanda King’s Session on “How to Evolve Your SEO Strategy to Account for Gemini and Other AI Search Functions” – Discover the latest in AI and SEO.
  • James Norquay’s Talk on “Unlocking SEO Gold” – Gain insights from 18 years of proven SEO strategies.

Day 2 Highlights (October 25):

  • Bernard Huang’s Session on “Information Gain: Where AI Content Fails And What To Do Instead” – Understand the limitations of AI content and how to overcome them.
  • Cyrus Shepard’s Masterclass on “WTF is Helpful Content, Google?” – Get a clear understanding of what constitutes helpful content in Google’s eyes.
  • Ryan Law’s Presentation on “5 Surprising Truths About World-Class Content Marketing” – Learn what it takes to create truly engaging content.

Throughout both days, attendees will have numerous opportunities to engage in interactive sessions, participate in Q&A with the speakers, and network with peers from around the world.

Exclusive Pre-Event Workshops

To complement the main event, Ahrefs is offering a series of pre-event workshops from October 21-23. These hands-on sessions, led by Ahrefs specialists and industry leaders, are designed to help attendees sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of key topics. Workshops include:

  • Workshop & Networking #1 with Andrei Țiț, Product Marketer at Ahrefs
  • Workshop & Networking #2 with Constance Tan, Product Marketer at Ahrefs
  • Workshop & Networking #3 with Erik Sarissky, Marketer at Ahrefs
  • Workshop & Networking #4 with Aaron Taylor, SEO Director at Prosperity Media
  • Workshop & Networking #6 with Victor Karpenko, CEO of SeoProfy
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Ticket Information

Early bird tickets are available until August 1, 2024. The ticket options include:

  • Regular Pass: $570 (Early bird), $650 (After August 1)
    1. Full access to the conference
    2. Two tea breaks and one lunch each day
    3. Access to event recordings
    4. After-party networking session
    5. Use of the conference app to meet other participants
    6. SWAG
  • VIP Pass: $840 (Early bird), $980 (After August 1)
    1. All Regular Pass perks
    2. Exclusive networking event with VIPs, speakers, and the Ahrefs team at Ahrefs HQ on October 23
    3. Exclusive SWAG
    4. Front row seats

Bulk purchase discounts are available for groups purchasing 5-10 tickets.

Why Attend Ahrefs Evolve 2024?

Ahrefs Evolve 2024 is designed for digital marketing professionals who are eager to stay ahead of industry trends and network with the best in the business. Whether you’re looking to refine your SEO strategies, learn about the latest tools and techniques, or simply connect with like-minded professionals, this event offers unparalleled opportunities to do so.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the official Ahrefs Evolve 2024 event page.

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