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4 Advertising Posters Benefits to Power Your Business

Small businesses often use advertising posters as a promotional tool. A poster can include a visual design, images and colors, as well as copy. A poster is used to communicate a message to increase brand awareness or to draw attention to an event.

Distinct Advantages of Advertising Posters in Marketing Your Business

A poster offers a few distinct advantages over other small-business advertising opportunities. Below are four benefits of Advertising Posters that every small business owner should know;

Communication at an Affordable Price

Advertising posters are inexpensive and provide a higher return on investment than magazine and newspaper ads. A customer poster can cost between $5 and $10 depending on its design and size.

The distribution cost of the posters is also reduced by having a street team of volunteers or hourly workers distribute them. These costs and the long-term value of the message are obvious when compared to the cost of small ads in local papers for a few hundred dollars.

Flexible Size and Shape

Advertising posters can be printed in many different sizes and shapes. You can send a letter-sized poster to your community as a mailer or place it on bulletin boards and other locations.

A larger poster size like 11×17 might be more effective and allow for greater design flexibility. If you have the right places to place copies, a larger poster with a striking color scheme will be more likely to grab attention.

Distribution flexibility

Advertising posters can be placed anywhere you want. Sometimes, local laws restrict the use of light poles, buildings or public spaces in certain towns and cities.

A private business must also give permission for you to post a sign at their location. Some companies have designated bulletin areas for public postings.

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To encourage poster placement, you could offer discounts or incentives to small-business owners.

Another option is to swap posters. You can get repeat exposures and better brand recognition if you have secured high-quality, visible spaces. You can also promote events by posting posters in your own buildings.

Exposure for the long-term, ongoing exposure

Advertising posters are easily accessible all day and have a longer shelf life than other media. After one reading, a newspaper subscriber will usually throw out or recycle the paper.

Depending on the content of your message, your poster may stay up for several weeks or even years if it is placed in the right place. Posters can also be accessed at any time to reach readers.

For example, you can connect with passersby by at day time. and midnight on a well-lit lamppost. Your message availability can be extended to 24 hours for businesses.

6 Advertising Posters Design Ideas

These marketing strategies for advertising posters will help you increase the effectiveness and impact of your posters advertising products, services or brands.

  • Make it easy to read from far

Use a large headline that grabs attention. The core message of the advertising posters should be in a font that is about half the size as the headline. Keep any fine print smaller and less prominent.

  • One large visual

It doesn’t matter if you are using a photo, an illustration, or text. A dominant image that is easily identifiable from a distance must be used.

  • Use high contrast elements

Bold color choices and type options will grab attention.

  • Target multiple exposure

The poster will be more popular the more people see it. Print postcards or letter-sized versions of the poster to distribute. Make a blog or a web version that can either be sent via Facebook or visited online.

  • Use a lot of spacing between design elements

This will improve visual impact and make it easier to read from afar.

  • Make a strong call-to-action

Include your contact information to allow potential customers to reach you.

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