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6 Most Popular Adidas Yeezy Footwears and Where to Buy


Overview of the Yeezy Brand

Adidas Yeezy was established through the partnership of “Adidas”, a popular sportswear brand, and “Kanye West”, an American rapper and designer. This partnership has become so popular for their creative releases, constituting clothing and footwear, especially their Yeezy sneakers collection.

Aside from the Yeezy shoes and footwear, other Yeezy wears include shirts, track pants, Jackets, and more. Before partnering with Adidas, Kanye West has partnered with other brands like Bape, Louis Vuitton, Zanotti, and Nike.

The Yeezy Adidas sneakers are very significant and highly desired and have generated revenue of about $1.3 – $1.7 billion for the brand. Nevertheless, Kanye West still has a total right over his brand, and the products released are under his full creative control.

In this article, we will be reviewing 5 of the best Yeezy footwear you can pick from the Yeezy collections to rock your style.

6 Most Popular Adidas Yeezy Footwears

  1. Yeezy Boost 750
  2. Yeezy Boost 700
  3. Yeezy Foam Runner
  4. Yeezy adidas boost 350
  5. Yeezy Slides
  6. Yeezy 450


1.  Yeezy Boost 750

Kanye West began his creative Yeezy sneakers with the boost 750 shoes which made its first appearance on the 3rd of December, 2013. Its design allows you to easily pull on and off through the zipper that runs through the heel of the sneakers. The midsole which is one of Yeezy’s most significant features is very soft giving that relaxing feel.

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2.  Yeezy Boost 700

This one of Yeezy shoes built with a sophisticated design. It appeared first to the public on the 12th of August 2017. Kanye West really went creative on this one. The style, texture, shape, and layers are just unique. These Adidas sneakers come with smooth suede, mesh design, and soft leather tops. The midsole is well softened and has an appearance that gives you that great feel on every step.

Aside from the original Yeezy 700, there are other subsequent models like the V2 and V3 (Alvah), which have more cushioning and uses the boost technology rather than the usual style.

3.  Yeezy Foam Runner

Through the Yeezy supply, the Yeezy Foam Runner made its debut officially on 26th June 2020 to the public. Grown algae is part of the materials used to make this footwear. This was Kanye West’s creative idea for sustainability. The shoe comes with no lace. This footwear is sold at a retail price of $75.

Yeezy Foam Runner

4.  Yeezy 350 (Boost) – Yeezy Adidas boost 350

This is a popular Adidas sneaker that comes with a low-top design. In February 2015, this Yeezy shoe make its first appearance to the public at a Yeezy fashion show. The following year, the unique colorway made its debut also on the 11th of February.

The original model (V1) of this Yeezy shoe is retailed at $200. However, the unique Yeezy 350 boost (V2) (Yeezy 350 v2 – yeezy adidas boost 350 v2) is sold at $220. Over the years, the boost 350 V2 has become so remarkable by many. Also, it’s made available in various sizes for both adults and kids.

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5.  Yeezy Slides

The design of this Yeezy footwear is lightweight due to the injected Eva foam. It’s further designed to offer comfort on every step you take. This soft feel is because of the way the footbed is built with a soft top layer.

Also, the outsole design provides comfort as it has a well-grooved and softened layer placed on it. In all the Yeezy slides were made to just feel great when slipping on and off.

6. Yeezy 450

The Adidas Yeezy 450 is one of Yeezy’s insane and unique designs yet.

Yeezy Adidas 450

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the complexities of Kanye West’s creative mind. West, a well-known out-of-the-box thinker. He is not just thinking outside the box, he ripped off the box this time.

The longed-for 450 Yeezy Adidas sneakers feature a sock-style layout with a mesh top(silhouette), a trim-up vamp, and a statement cushioned sole and outside sole hybrid.

Where to buy your Adidas Yeezy Footwears Online

Final Words

The Adidas company alongside the creativity of Kanye West has made these collections of Yeezy shoes and slides highly desired by many. The idea of the style and Yeezy features sets these sneakers on the leading mark of design. And their availability in different colors and sizes makes them suitable for people of different tastes and ages.


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