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Our brain helps in controlling our thoughts, memory, movement, and the function of many organs within our body. Proper brain function and mental health are what business depends upon and problem-solving and judgment are what entrepreneurs do.

Being an entrepreneur in this twenty-first century can be a very daunting task and this can put entrepreneurs under serious pressure leading to stress, especially starting entrepreneurs who have limited resources and cannot afford to employ as many employees as needed.

Limited resources mean they have to perform and carry out different responsibilities by themselves, from bookkeeping to advertisements, and so on.

Multi-tasking can be a very daunting task if entrepreneurs are not careful, and conscious of their stress levels and overall health, bad health can have a negative impact on the productivity level of their enterprise.

As the brain behind the day to day running of a business when running your own business, your mental state, ability to remember, and ability to think fast is very crucial and this can only happen when your brain functions properly and effectively.

Here are a few ways to increase brain function, improve mental health, and reduce your level of forgetfulness as an Entrepreneur

Brain Function and Mental Health

It is extremely important to take care of our mental health, it is not something you take for granted because when it comes to mental health prevention is a lot more achievable than trying to fix an already degenerated mental health.

Unlike other illnesses where you can have a clear path of treatment and recovery, mental health is quite more complicated it is not easy to restore or manage an already damaged brain even when undergoing treatment recovery is never sure so when dealing with your mental health prevention is ultimate.


The nature of an entrepreneur is such that they are most likely to put pressure on themselves because of their persistent nature, competitive nature, strong work ethics, and their passion for what they do.

But studies show that stress can affect how the brain functions.

It is therefore very necessary as an entrepreneur, to make out time to relax and ease stress. To an entrepreneur, it might seem like a waste of time. But in actuality, it is extremely important for both the entrepreneur and his or her enterprise.

Stress will result in forgetfulness and the consequences of forgetfulness can be very devastating, especially when you are an entrepreneur with limited human and financial resources at your disposal.

So as an entrepreneur you must make out time to engage in activities that can help you ease stress. Such activities include; hanging out with friends, spending time with loved ones, getting intimate, hosting game time with friends, etc.


As an entrepreneur, you should be aware that what you eat can determine how effective you are in your work.

An entrepreneur’s diet can have a crucial impact on his or her brain’s function.

It is common for entrepreneurs to just take dietary needs for granted because it is normal to assume that what you eat does not affect your ability to think, make sound business decisions or impact your level of productivity, but this is absolutely false.

Research has proved that carbs and excess sugar are not generally good for your health, but it has also been discovered that excess consumption of foods that contain added sugar or carbs can result in reduced brain activity.

The nature of carbs makes it almost impossible to control your level of consumption so I highly recommend you cut it off completely. Cutting carbs from your diet does not only help to boost your brain function but has endless health benefits, recent studies show that carb-free meals or meals with very low carb content are the best kinds of meals.


When making a conscious effort to boost brain function it is extremely important to introduce fatty fishes into your diet, but in case you are not a fan of fatty fishes you can simply use fish oil supplements which you can find in an average medical store. This is because fatty fishes and fish oil supplements contain omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for boosting brain activity or overall brain function.


The importance of maintaining a healthy weight cannot be overemphasized as regarding your overall wellbeing.

It is almost impossible to be highly productive when you are overweight or underweight, unfortunately, research has also proved that obesity can result in reduced brain activity which will negatively impact your overall level of productivity. So, it is absolutely important as an entrepreneur to maintain a healthy weight.


Studies have shown that regular exercise helps to maintain proper brain function, and also results in increased brain activity thereby increasing your level of productivity. It is important to have and maintain a workout routine, not only does it help to increase brain function, it has an endless list of benefits as regarding our overall wellness, and as we all know health is wealth.


There are games that help to boost brain function and with the help of the Internet and advanced technology, the average person can easily download any of these games, examples of some of these games include; Tetris, Chess, Crossword Puzzles. Etc. and over time these games can become a means of relaxation.


We are at a point in the general world development where sleep is taken for granted, most people associate sleep with laziness but this is absolutely false.

Quality sleep is as important as water and food. Recent studies show that sleep plays a housekeeping role that removes toxins in your brain that build up while you are awake. Studies have also shown that sleep deprivation hinders learning, impairs cognitive performance, and slows reaction time. An average adult should sleep for seven to nine hours.


Vitamin D plays so many roles in regulating brain health from aiding the development of the brain and nervous system to postponing decline towards the end of life.

Vitamin d deficiency has now become a worldwide problem, between 20 to 80 percent of the population worldwide have insufficient vitamin D levels. As an entrepreneur who plans on maintaining a healthy brain and mind you must be conscious of your vitamin D intake, sources of vitamin D include; Beef, Liver, Cereals, Soy Milk, Orange Juice, Egg Yolks. Etc.

It is extremely important to note that when dealing with your mental health prevention is ultimate.

Thanks for reading my piece. I hope it adds value to you and your business.

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