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Be Cyber Smart and protect your business information and computers with Tycoon Concept’s 7 Cyber Security Tips.

1. There is no privacy.
While using the internet, always have it in mind that there is no privacy and use the internet with caution, that is the honest truth.

2. The Internet never forgets.
What you do on the internet is not completely erased, its recorded.

3. Think of everything as a computer.
With IoT, anything can be computerized and everything computerized can be attacked. eg: cars, TV, Phone, Doors etc.

4. When browsing, type URLs into the search bar and double check instead of clicking links.

5. Secure corporate AND employee-owned devices and manage those who have access to privileged accounts professionally.

6. Be smart with passwords
Always strengthen your passwords to reinforce cyber security for your business or personal data and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Instead, use Password Management Applications.

7. Backup Regularly.
Our last cyber security tip is that you keep your important data and files backed up. This will help you recover data incase of theft or hardware damage.

Tycoon Concept is a Digital Marketing And Information Technology Consulting Agency in Nigeria,  dedicated to providing the digital techniques, tools and resources needed to drive performance for businesses in today’s fast growing and dynamic business age. Tycoon Concept assists growth seeking Businesses in establishing basic information security policies and help train small teams to protect sensitive business information and avoid being victim of cyber attacks.

Don’t be the next Victim of Cybercrime.

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Owolabi Meshach

Owolabi Meshach

A dream chaser, Tech lover and WordPress enthusiast, who has, through self-education gained a wealth of knowledge in web development. The founder of Rindx (rindx.com) and Tycoon Concept.

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