7 Benefits you must exploit from Social Media Stories and FOMO

Social Media Stories is presently the trending social media storytelling format. Stories allow social media users to publish photos and video collections with text, that can only be viewed for a short period, Social media posts in the stories format disappear 24 hours after they are published.

At first, it was Snapchat with the idea of “My Story,” now, we have Instagram and Facebook Stories, WhatsApp Status, Twitter Moments and YouTube’s new story “Reels” is also trending.

The common thing with social media stories is that they disappear after a set period.

This feature typically allows marketers to add content for the day, maintaining it together in one place. Stories provide marketers with endless possibilities, and nearly every day there is but another update to their points that allow marketers to interact with their followers in a new way.

Apart from the fact that Stories allow marketers to post more without tarnishing their brand’s image, marketers can also leverage FOMO.

FOMO (fear of missing out), is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”. – Wikipedia

As per UseViral user reviews the growing popularity of Social Media Stories, marketers all over the world can leverage FOMO (fear of missing out) of social media users to get more attention for their brands.

There are several benefits to using social media stories, they include:

1. You can Invite followers to explore more with the use of clear call-to-actions

2. There is an opportunity for brand awareness to increase

3. You can constantly engage with your followers

4. Cheap Adverting, people view stories due to FOMO (fear of missing out)

5. You can add location tags and have your brand get noticed locally

6. You can add links and increase traffic to your website

7. There is an opportunity to reach younger audiences.

Optimizing Stories can help your brand stand out and grow in the digital space.

Stories are by and by a truly new medium via social media, so this is a strategic time to start exploiting all they offer. Stories can give a choice turn to your publicizing and showcasing techniques exhibiting new strategies to advance glimmer deals, cut value codes, existing unmistakable substance material or make publicity before forthcoming occasions. Keep your eyes open and stay fully informed regarding the most recent components and attributes for Social Media Stories and cause your brand to exceed expectations on the web with a credible and compelling online presence.

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