Success Recipe- Keys to Success

7 Achievers reveal their thoughts on “the key recipe for success.”

Success is not convenient, yet success is a must!

It isn’t common for inadvertent or unintentional success to occur. It often demands purposeful planning and intentional actions and undertakings.

In November 2019, approached a few achievers using a survey form to ask for their Number 1 recipe for success, their answers differ.

Yet, none of them has described success as an unintentional occurrence, – they all believed that only the capacity to spend quality time and concentrate deliberate efforts towards intentionally set goals can bring a favorable outcome.

Below are key recipes for success according to the responses we gathered from seven achievers:

1. To me, the number one key to success is Consistency in your Pursuit for Success: you need to be consistent in whichever way you are pursuing success without giving up. You all will agree with me that no one can cut down a tree in a forest by just hitting an Axe on it once, of course, one will have to keep hitting on the same spot till the tree goes down. Now that is consistency, but also with an aim. I believe with no doubt that there’s nothing one cannot attain with consistency. – Owolabi Hannah Olanike (Nikky’ann Organics)

2. Passion: Every business is faced with it’s Goliath, business without any challenge leads nowhere. So, what keeps you going during such challenges of business is the passion (love) you have for what you do. Like they say, “passion kills discouragement.” Passions help you to see failure as a learning opportunity.  When others see your business as difficult to do, you see it as fun to do…because your drives are from within. when passion is combined with other factors the product is Success. So, I always put it this way… Passion + Information + Hard work (Time management) = Success. – Sir Niyi (Afripride Agro Enterprise)

3. Perseverance, different people have different definitions for success, and everyone want to succeed, I see success as that point where happiness comes because a mission has been accomplished and I believe accomplishment comes by persevering despite failure, this is why my Number 1 key to success is Perseverance. – Meshach Owolabi (Tycoon Concept)

4. My number one key to success is acknowledging God as the one behind good success… (Joshua 1:8) Then, focus. I focus on being successful irrespective of distractions and pressures from friends, family, foes, and the entire society. Focusing on being successful really keeps me going. I never get distracted or discouraged. I just keep pushing it! – Joel Olajumoke

5. Consistency and integrity. Once you are competent in your endeavors coupled with consistency and integrity. Success is just by the corner. The world is looking for people who have the capacity to deliver, but yet understand trustworthiness and loyalty to your organization’s goal. – Oke Victor (Yes4G Initiative)

6. Determination. When a person makes up his or her mind to succeed, you will look away from every form of distraction and embrace the obstacles on the way to success with a can-do attitude. The human mind can achieve whatever it wants to achieve. – Bunmi (Instagram- Hollubummie)

7. The key to success is Determination, Focus, and Patience. If you are determined without focus, it is nothing and if you are determined and focus but you can’t be patient to endure the tough period required to achieve success, it is still nothing. The three factors must be combined to achieve success. –Afeez Oye (DAAVOYES)

Try not to be reluctant in stepping away from your comfort zone, think, plan, and take bold steps. I wish you the best in your pursuit of success.

What do you consider the number 1 recipe for success? Use the comment form below to share with us.

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Originally posted 2020-04-24 14:17:51.

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