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5 Proven Success Keys to Double Your Email Open Rate In 2020

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Email marketing remains a trending strategy used by businesses to connect with and establishing rapport with their audience.

Email is also arguably the most powerful and consistent way to drive repeat visitors and customers to websites, blogs and maintain outreach business’s existing customers. With an email list, you become less dependent on external sources of traffic, and gain a higher ability to interact with the audience of your business.

However, as useful as email marketing is, the average user is overwhelmed with dozens of emails daily, and this means many businesses end up getting lost in the clutter. While they may have useful information to share, these businesses fall short of persuading customers to open their emails.

Here are my five (5) proven keys that will not only help in optimizing your emails’ performance, but will double the rate at which your recipients open the emails you send.


Always try to personalize your emails, most Individuals are bound to open and pay attention to messages that address them by their names and discuss their inclinations. Messages that have obviously been composed for a nondescript mass are without feeling and energy.

You can make your messages increasingly appealing by including the beneficiary’s name.

Tools such as opt-in forms can help you collect user information other than email address, you can collect at least the first name of your users or subscribers and use email marketing software to personalize the emails you send to your list.

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You can also attempt to offer customized content, for example, discounts for items that they have demonstrated an enthusiasm for. By making your messages progressively customized, you make clients feel like you’re connecting with them straightforwardly. Personalization is an effective and proven way that will prompt higher open rates for your emails.


Take your time and craft subject lines that are compelling enough to get people to click through.

Subject lines may appear to be a little piece of your message, they’re one of the absolute initial introductions you have on your email beneficiaries. What’s more, they’re an advertiser’s ticket for hanging out in a swarmed inbox.

Compelling subject line should possess essential elements such as Curiosity, Offers, and Urgency.

You can also attempt to ask a question or use a controversial statement as your email subject line

Marketer believes that using Question as headlines will allow your email to get a three to four percent higher open rate.

Remember, too long subject line can be boring, always keep your subject line short.


Beyond the title, deeper than the battle, the tone and voice of your brand is very important in optimizing your emails’ performance. 

Most recipients will open email with the most exhausting and boring subject line if the email is sent to them from an Individual or Business they trust or like. Things being what they are, what’s your image like? What does your business stand for? The more businesses that make up for lost time to the digital advertising outskirts, the noisier the space becomes and the more fundamental it is to separate yourself and stand out —not through contrivances, yet through a genuine and fascinating brand voice. 

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Anyway, who are you? What is your voice? In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, at that point, a shrewd Email Subject Line is only an interruption. Concentrate on building up a credible image for yourself and your business when creating content for email marketing.

Apart from getting increased open rate for your emails, paying attention to branding is important because email and the internet are written in ink and you may not have the chance to correct a wrong impression.


Who wants to be overwhelmed? As a business or a marketer, you should not bombard your recipients with too many emails. Too many emails will only end up overwhelming and frustrating your users and they will soon look for relief. To avoid you, they will simply mark your email as spam or even go as far as unsubscribing from your list, at this point, you’ve lost a potential customer.

One email per day can be a great deal for a lot of individuals, especially these days where there is a lot of content to interact with online, both for personal development, work, and entertainment.

 People are left with little time not enough to peruse marketing messages from just one business alone with every 24 hours.

 Sending multiple emails to a recipient every day is not a good idea at all. 

You can build expectations by sending top-notch emails with valuable content one to two times each week. this way your recipients aren’t messed with an excessive number of emails.


Users or Clients in your mailing list are not just keen on different subjects, they are individuals belonging to different demographic groups and they are subscribed to your list and expect your emails for different reasons. 

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These distinctions must be considered to propel your email recipients to open and read your email rather than delete it, move it to spam or even opt-out of your list.

A lot of marketers and business don’t take their time to do their homework, they just take the ” trial and error method.” They assault recipient with valueless and annoying messages, they push questionable concept with the expectation it passes, when they should have utilized information about the recipients to portion email list and tailor Subject Line and the email body content to the interests of a well-classified lists.

Online deals, buy narratives, perusing chronicles, web-based life information and other data can help you wisely segment your email list and send promoting messages that intrigue to a common group of recipients and increase your email open rate.

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