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Movies about entrepreneurship can inspire entrepreneurs in various ways. Entrepreneurship Movies may not make you laugh or make you cry, the best movies for entrepreneurs make you think. Watching inspiring movies for entrepreneurs can be an excellent way to make productive use of spare time.

In this article, I have compiled movies about entrepreneurship that will inspire you as an entrepreneur.


These entrepreneurship movies will entertain and educate you in many ways, they are inspiring movies for entrepreneurs to learn how other entrepreneurs identify new business opportunities.

After watching any of these entrepreneurship movies, you can understand some of the basics of running a business, and be reminded why we are alive and what’s worth living for.

After watching some of these movies about entrepreneurship, I am reminded that every day is an opportunity to get up, think and make efforts to make a difference in the world.

When you watch movies about entrepreneurship, you may also observe that running your own business is not child’s play but very difficult work.

Inspiring movies for entrepreneurs also remind you that some of the time you simply need a little motivation to overcome the tough situations involved in running your own business.


In case you’re ever needing motivation or you simply want to take a break after a hectic or busy day at work, watch or re-watch these inspiring movies on entrepreneurship. And you will not be disappointed.


  1. 3 Idiots – 2009
  2. Any Given Sunday – 1999
  3. Baby Boom – 1987
  4. Becoming Warren Buffett – 2017
  5. Big Night – 1996
  6. Billionaire Boys Club – 2018
  7. Boiler Room – 2000
  8. Chef – 2014
  9. Con Man – 2018
  10. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room – 2005
  11. Erin Brockovich – 2000
  12. Forrest Gump – 1994
  13. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened – 2019
  14. Glengarry Glenn Ross
  15. Jerry Maguire – 1996
  16. Joy – 2015
  17. Mad Men – 2007
  18. Margin Call – 2011
  19. Moneyball – 2011
  20. Office Space – 1999
  21. Pirates of Silicon Valley – 1999
  22. – 2001
  23. Steve Jobs – 2015
  24. Thank You for Smoking – 2005
  25. The Aviator – 2004
  26. The Big Short – 2015
  27. The Billionaire – 2011
  28. The Corporation – 2003
  29. The Founder – 2016
  30. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard – 2009
  31. The Great Hack – 2019
  32. The Intern – 2015
  33. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley – 2019
  34. The Pursuit of Happyness – 2006
  35. The Real Founder
  36. The Shawshank Redemption – 1994
  37. The Social Network – 2010
  38. The Wolf of Wall Street
  39. Too Big to Fail – 2011
  40. Wall Street – 2010
  41. Walt Before Mickey – 2015
  42. You’ve Got Mail – 1998
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  • Office Space – 1999

Office Space is a modern office life and corporate world inspiring movie for entrepreneurs.

This film is a comedy work that talks in the interest of all the corporate workaholics, it makes you go through the disappointment and carelessness individuals face in their lives consistently managing their responsibilities they are not exactly entertained to do at work.

If you need movies about entrepreneurship that will inspire you to start your own business, Office Space is for you.

Every day is like waking up from sleep to escape the terror of a nightmare as many of the characters in the movie are either miserable or dishonest. But, one person decided to make a difference after a successful hypnotist session.

This entrepreneurship movie is an awesome must-see story presented with lots of comedy and I consider Office Space as one of the best movies for entrepreneurs.

  • The Devil Wears Prada – 2006

This film is highly inspirational, one of the best refreshing and mindset boosting entrepreneurship movies that people will not get over it in a hurry.

A young graduate aspiring to be a journalist moved to New York and becomes an assistant to one of the biggest magazine editors in town, the powerful, heartless, and skeptical Miranda Priestly.

 Her boyfriend is an unsupportive, annoying, and uninspired person.

The Devil Wears Prada is an inspiring movie for entrepreneurs. You can learn from it that the biggest obstacle to your success can be friends and family.

The Movie also shows that toxic people can make us lost our intrinsic feeling of morals and trustworthiness as we journey to make a difference in life.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street – 2013
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The Wolf of Wall Street is an inspiring movie for entrepreneurs that is not a generic biopic but a true story.

The movie is not of a prominent, respectable person or a politician, but is based on the true story of a stockbroker that started as a nobody and became a rich person.

This movie is quite inspiring and I absolutely consider it to one of the best movies for entrepreneurs

The guy in this movie is clever, courageous, takes risks, likes to have fun, and has effective leadership abilities.

The film additionally showed that a few occurrences or individuals in our day-to-day existence may show us a totally new course that might be positive or negative.

In this movie, Mathew guided Belfort on how to bring in more cash, how to manage the customers. This led to a great change in Belfort’s character.

This movie about entrepreneurship is a must-watch for those who want to start a side hustle and entrepreneurs that are enthusiastic about running their own business.



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