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4 Myths Busted About Time Tracking App

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Time tracking apps come with their share of myths. People or employees have a lot of misconceptions regarding time tracking. That is why when you are introducing a time tracker, you might feel resistance from the employees as they also believe in the myths. However, this can be changed with proper ideas and education regarding this technology.

Time Tracking App, Time Tracking Apps, Time Tracking

Utility of the Best Time Tracking App

Given the global expansion of business and the popularity of hybrid mode work structure, it has become imperative to invest in a time tracker for employees. No, snooping around is not the aim of using a time tracker. The main aim of using a tool like KnowYourDay will help you understand how you can spend your resources and how you can increase efficiency. That is why make sure that you and your employees don’t believe in the following myths.

Myth 1: Time Tracking Meets Only a Portion of Employee’s Need

When you are getting on board with a time tracking app, the first thing that your employees are going to think is that it is not meant for any personal development. At the first glance, it feels that way. But once you get a complete idea about the time tracking app, you can educate your employees. It can help your employees in the following ways:

  • Transparent calculation of billable hours
  • Real-time reporting of the tasks of various projects as well as individual tasks
  • Controlling work across platforms and departments to identify the work pattern
  • Finding out the pain points of the employees to solve them faster
  • Automatic process of the project and budget forecasting

The best time tracking app will help you in manifolds. Make sure your employees get to know about the benefits too.

Myth 2: The Company Wants to Get More Things Done in Less Time

This is not true. With the help of time trackers, the pressure on the employees won’t increase. Rather, you as the manager will find ways on how to increase efficiency within the stipulated time. With the time tracker, you can find out the scopes of development. It will help you identify those tasks that take a lot of time and in turn, don’t offer any productivity. Reducing these tasks will help the employees to work more efficiently too.

Myth 3: Time Tracker is a Snooping Tool

Most of the time, employees think that the time tracker app is for spying on them. But it is not true. The employees often become hostile towards this application as they fear, it will steal their personal data and information. But you need to know that no legal time tracker will do that. And the spying software remains hidden whilstthe time tracker remains visually active.

Often during the work, employees can indulge in some non-work-related activities and browsing. Employees might not realize but these things can affect their efficiency. Meeting deadlines becomes difficult as the time is wasted in some other way which the employees are not aware of. Getting time and motion study will show them where most of the time is gone and how to improvise on that to increase efficiency.

Myth 4: Time Trackers are Costly and Made for Big Companies

You might be surprised to know that millions of freelancers or hybrid workers are using time trackers all over the world. It is crucial for both the big and the small companies. Also, people are often worried about the pricing of time trackers. They believe that the price of the tool and the training will not be worth it. However, the most reputed time tracker developers offer affordable packages for different businesses. Also, these applications come with a relatively easy UI that will help you and your employees master the operation without any technical knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out the right provider of employee time trackers and get on board with the most affordable packages.

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