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A password manager is a software that serves as a digital vault, it can stores and encrypt several credentials for accessing different websites or apps in one secure digital location. With a password manager, you don’t need to memorize all the different usernames and passwords you created when signing up on websites or apps. 

Some password managers don’t just store your passwords, they take away the hassle of creating and memorizing strong passwords and help you generate and save strong and unique passwords when you create new account on new websites.

Cybersecurity experts always encouraging and advise people to use password managers to protect their passwords and other digital credentials from hackers because they are safe, secure and easy to use. 

Even though password managers are safe, secure and professionally designed to save us the stress of memorizing passwords while defending us against cybercriminals who are out to steal them, many people still don’t trust digital vault with their passwords.

Let’s cut to the chase and see four fallacious arguments about Password Manager that we must drop immediately.

1. If all my passwords are stored in one location, they are vulnerable to hackers

A password manager will not just do the job of creating complicated passwords to help protect your online accounts, they use encryption algorithms that makes passwords extremely difficult to crack or guess.

A man-made complex password look like this “LoG!n2Facebook” but a password manager’s password looks like this “!e#&6O_ajLwAce$L8#ef”

With most password managers, you only need one master password which you will create when creating your account on the password manager software.

You don’t need to use this master password every time you want to login to a website. All that is needed is that you lock your phone or PC with a strong pin or password and the password manager will do the rest of the job once you have unlocked your device.

2. Setting up a password manager is stressful; I have a lot of passwords to transfer

Of course, logging all your credentials into a password manager takes time, but you don’t have to do it all at once.

When you start using a password manager, you can make the creation of new and unique passwords a priority for the websites you visit most frequently and then you can spread the task and gradually move all your passwords to your safe digital vault.

Some Password Managers synchronize with web browsers that store login credentials and allow you to move all the saved login credentials without typing them one after the other.

3. I can’t trust password manager makers? 

You have a point, there is a risk and the same is true for all other applications you use on your PC and Smartphones, they could also be spying on you and recording your passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information in the background without you knowing.

But companies making password managers are audited for security and are regulated to ensure they keep the promise of not compromising your passwords.

4. Password managers aren’t 100% flawless

A new study has identified security flaws in very popular password managers and there is no way a 100% security can be guaranteed.

We all know airplanes can crash, we also know that that chance of surviving is slim when they crash, but it is still smarter to risk traveling by air than trekking from one country to another.

I will advise that we use Password Manager to protect our login details from hackers, Norton Identity Safe, 1Password and LastPass are the Password Managers I know well enough to recommend.

Do you have reasons why we should not use a password manager? 

Are there password management tips you think we should know?

Do you know any misconception about password managers that I did not mention? 

Feel free to share using the comment box below.

I’d love to hear from you.

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