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30 Spotify Features You Need to Know

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The Swedish company Spotify started its activity in 2006 as a way for users to stream music directly to their device while providing royalties to the artist.

Along with Pandora,  Amazon Music, Google Music, and iTunes, Spotify is part of the music streaming revolution that emerged after serious anti-piracy measures (music downloads) such as Napster, eMule, and Limewire.

The era of smartphones has allowed users to have an on-demand radio in their pocket, thanks to advances in wireless data technology.

This became an attractive and convenient alternative, which eventually worked because it was easier for users to stream music directly to their devices than to face piracy problems. Royalties are paid either for ads that are played between songs, or for a subscription program. Even Spotify users find different techniques to reach more audiences like to buy plays or buy followers to enhance their credibility.

Everything You Need to Know about Spotify

  1. Spotify allows you to discover new artists
  2. offers a streaming media player
  3. Help you enjoy music files uploaded by other users
  4. You can share music anywhere on the internet
  5. Sportify users can easily discover new artists and listen to favorites
  6. Spotify is also available on several different platforms
  7. You enjoy shared music with a free 15-day free premium+streaming version
  8. Spotify is a multifunctional music streaming application with YouTube and YouTube Red integration
  9. You get millions of songs to choose from
  10. You can access radio stations
  11. You can view the album overview
  12. Various sharing options
  13. Album star rating system and your best album should have five stars
  14. User forums are available
  15. Music library for purchased/imported songs
  16. Create playlists right on your phone, share playlists with your friends on free streaming radio stations
  17. Subscription-based streaming service
  18. View and create playlists for offline listening
  19. Free 14-day trial access to online media
  20. Unlimited amount of music without ads for free transfer of 30 million recordings to choose from. Integrate with YouTube Red for more features
  21. Free 30-day trial
  22. Video Playback Convert videos to MP3, MP4, MOV, MKV, etc
  23. . 23. Sync in the cloud Sync in the cloud
  24. Offline support and automatic synchronization 3 with a simple hyperlink
  25. Share and embed every radio anywhere Online for free and open source
  26. Favorite and follow other radio channels
  27. Free Radio stations of FreeStream
  28. Automatic updates
  29. LIVE broadcast
  30. P2P filesharing
  31. You can share with others as much as you want

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