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3 D’s of Insurance Companies You Should Know About

You are driving a car, and someone hits you. It was their fault, so you exchange insurance information and carry on. Now, to fix the damage to your car and body, you call the at-fault party’s insurance company. They offer fair compensation to cover your losses. You accepted it, and everyone lived happily ever after.

I wish that was how the claim process worked.

Sadly, insurance companies never offer fair compensation. They always try to lowball the victims. Only experienced personal injury lawyers can protect victims from these insurance companies. Hiring a reputed law firm, such as Midwest Injury Lawyers, is the first thing a victim must do following an accident.

Yes, insurance companies call and offer settlement almost immediately after the accident in many cases. But even offering an early settlement is a strategy to lowball the victim. Immediately after the accident, no one knows the full extent of the damages, so they will offer a low settlement and make you accept it. Once you accept that offer, you cannot file a claim anymore.

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The Notorious 3 D’s of Insurance Companies

Offering early settlements is not the only strategy insurance companies have. They have many strategies. Out of which, the 3 D’s strategy stands out. The 3 D’s of insurance companies are:

  • Delay
  • Deny
  • Defend


Delay is the first D. Paperwork is a big part of insurance claims. The insurance company will ask for unnecessary documents, find some silly mistakes in your documents, and make you start the process from scratch. They will do this again and again until you get tired of it and give up. Most people give up after a point. Having a lawyer by your side when filling out the documents can help avoid mistakes.

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Next up, deny your claim. They don’t need valid reasons to deny your claim. Your demand letter will be rejected after being “reviewed.” You have to keep in mind that insurance companies are not there to help you. Their goal is to make money. So, of course, they are not going to offer fair compensation. After multiple rejections, people give up.


If you don’t give up on the first two Ds, you have to face the wrath of the third D. Insurance companies will hire the best lawyers to defend themselves in court. Again, this is a long and tiring process. They take you to court in the hopes that you will give up. But remember, through a trial, you can obtain more than fair compensation. Hire the best personal injury lawyer in your area and let them handle the court process.

A Lawyer Can Protect You From the 3 D’s

For victims, the 3 D’s strategy is new, but not for personal injury lawyers. They are well aware of this and other strategies of insurance companies. Proving the case with substantial evidence is what you need to do to overcome the insurance company’s strategies. You have to prove the following things:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty of care
  • Causation
  • Damages

Proving the elements of personal injury law makes it impossible for insurance companies to deny your claim. Of course, they will still offer a low settlement. Your lawyer will take care of that. They will calculate your losses and claim only that amount. They will submit evidence to make your case stronger and, finally, secure fair compensation for you.

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Final Thoughts

Insurance companies will not help you when you need them, even if they claim to. The only person you can trust during a claim process is a lawyer. A lawyer can protect you from the insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve.

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