100 business ideas in Nigeria to help you choose the best business to start.

Starting your own business in Nigeria is not an easy task. And the difficulties start from the very beginning. At the stage of choosing a concept to invest in. Most people who are thinking about the possibility of starting their own business, which will bring them a stable and high income, experience difficulties with self-assessment of opportunities.

What is the best business to start in Nigeria?

There are many profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria for those who are planning to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. Therefore, we have collected a huge number of different ideas for you. From the sales of Gas for Cooking to the unpleasant Waste Management Services. We made a list of 100 Business Ideas in Nigeria you can start with low investment and make money quickly in Nigeria.

This huge list of business ideas in Nigeria will give you a lot of information you need to answer the question, what is the best business to start in Nigeria? Based on your location and situation.


  1. Breeding of quail birds
  2. Catering services (indoor and outdoor)
  3. Mobile food trade
  4. Computer Training Center
  5. Computer repair and sale of accessories.
  6. Sale and repair of mobile phones
  7. Rental Services
  8. Food delivery and restaurant business
  9. Sale and distribution of cement
  10. Sales of frozen products
  11. Production of clean and bottled water
  12. Animal husbandry
  13. Poultry farming
  14. Used Car Sales
  15. Social media marketing
  16. Blogging (become a social media influencer)
  17. Freelance writing
  18. Mini-Import business
  19. Export Business
  20. Sale of Gas For Cooking
  21. Recruitment agency
  22. Factory for the production of uniforms
  23. Production of ready-to-wear fabrics
  24. Transportation and logistics
  25. Transportation ( You can do Taxi business)
  26. Internet marketing
  27. Mass SMS services
  28. Kindergarten/Nursery school
  29. Small-Scale Production
  30. Sale of scrap metal
  31. Waste Management Services
  32. Breeding of domestic animals
  33. Production of animal feed
  34. Ethanol production
  35. Software and game development
  36. Sales of security gadgets
  37. Cleaning Services
  38. Printing and selling top-up cards
  39. Sports Viewing Centers
  40. Sports Betting Agency
  41. Production of Building Blocks.
  42. Art gallery business
  43. Ice Cream Production
  44. Jewelry Making
  45. Travel Agency
  46. Production of Natural Fruit Juices
  47. Photography and Video Shooting
  48. Publication in the journal (Magazine)
  49. Monogram creation and branding services
  50. Weight Loss Advice (Open a Fitness Center)
  51. Cookie Production
  52. Printing and book products
  53. Private Library Services
  54. Barbershop
  55. Day Spa
  56. Nail Studio( Manicure and Pedicure)
  57. Fruits selling
  58. Organic Honey sale
  59. Affiliate Marketing business
  60. Personal Fitness Instructor
  61. Business Broker
  62. Car washing and detailing services
  63. Dating Service
  64. Make-up artist
  65. Video Game Center
  66. Pharmaceutical company
  67. Stock Photo Business
  68. Art brokerage activity
  69. Writing of resume for job seekers
  70. Online Store for Vitamins/Healthy Food
  71. Virtual Assistant(Work remotely)
  72. Pest Control
  73. Car Rental
  74. Nanny Agency
  75. Mail delivery Business
  76. Production of ice blocks
  77. Night Clubs and Restaurants
  78. Installation and sales of equipment for solar energy
  79. Sale of Antique Furniture
  80. Laundry Services
  81. Virtual Call Center
  82. SEO consultant
  83. Gift Baskets production
  84. Disc Jockey (DJ)
  85. Personal Customer Services and Errands
  86. Wine Production
  87. Sports Collectible Goods Store
  88. Funeral Management Company
  89. Oil Palm Plantation
  90. Start an Internet radio station
  91. Online Clothing Store
  92. Modeling and organization of events
  93. Become a Marketer/PR agent
  94. Become a Fashion Stylist
  95. Car repair and fleet management
  96. Facility Management Services
  97. Home Appliance Repair Services
  98. Painting and sales of paints
  99. Alternative Power Supply products sale
  100. Sale and installation of security devices.


Again, what is the best business to start in Nigeria?

To choose the most suitable business idea, personal interest must be considered.

It is desirable that your interests coincide with the area in which you want to start your own business. There is nothing better than a business that you understand and are passionate about.

Choose from the above list of business ideas in Nigeria based on the following criteria:

  • Capital: How much do you have to invest or how much money are you willing to invest in your small business
  • The scale of competition: Ask yourself, are you strategically positioned to compete?
  • Personal interest in the Idea: Are you passionate about the idea enough to survive difficult times.
  • Demand in the market: How many people in Nigeria are willing to pay for the solutions the idea provides?


It has already been mentioned earlier in this article that if you do not understand at all the niche in which you want to open a business, or you have no interest in the idea, then nothing will work. And it is so because we perform better in doing the thing we love.

If you do not have any passion for the business Idea that you have chosen, you will quickly quit when difficult times come.

Everything that is interesting to you personally will survive any difficulty and hindrances and will come to the forefront. Your personal hobby can help in choosing the best business idea from the list above. For example, people who are particular about nice-looking outfits can be engaged in tailoring and can make a good business from it.



You can be unique and love to make clothes for dogs, but nothing will come of it if there is no demand for dog clothes in the market.

Conduct statistics on what is currently popular and in demand in Nigeria.

Maybe Food, Cars, Cosmetics, Real estate, etc. The main thing is that there is demand.

And most importantly, strive forward, and never give up. If it doesn’t work out the first time, it will work out the second time. Experience in an entrepreneurial career is much more important than starting capital.


So, what is the best business to start in Nigeria?  Are there enough ideas to start your business from scratch in Nigeria from the above list of business Ideas? They are quite diverse – with business Ideas in Nigeria that require minimal investments, some with huge and with little competition. By the way, if a business idea has no competitors at all, then think carefully about the relevance of the idea before you invest.

Hey, don’t build your business around Ideas that provide answers to question nobody is asking.


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