Before Marrying Her


Marriage is one of the most important institutions in life. Everything on earth is connected to it.

Every criminal, rapist, and a bad person is a product of marriage, as such, we must not neglect the deliberate investment in knowledge as it relates to this very important aspect of life.

Research shows that a dysfunctional marriage will produce dysfunctional children and in extension, a dysfunctional society.

This is why we must not just marry anybody that we come across.

A. 10 things to look out for before saying yes to him.

Aside the fear of God which is a non-negotiable attribute to look out for in a man before you say “Yes”, there are few other SALIENT qualities that must be in place if you want to have a blissful marriage.

These include;

1. Love: Your -would -be- man must be in love with you. He must want and desire you and you must be sure about his feelings for you.

2. Consistency: his words and actions must be very consistent.

What I mean is, what he said yesterday on a particular issue will be coherent with what he says today on that same issue.

His actions also will be consistent with previous actions.

However, you must be a very attentive person to be able to know his consistency.

3. Teachable: This is a non-negotiable attribute you must look out for. He must be teachable, that is, ready to accept corrections and learn from others including you, else, you may just be looking at a tyrant.

4: Responsible: A real man is a responsible man. He takes responsibility for his actions and inactions. The blame game is not his thing.

5. Integrity:  You can always take him by his word.

6. Productive: A real man is a productive man. He is always thinking of things that will be beneficial and add value to himself and others.

7. Respectful: Take note of how and what he says to you. His words are not disrespectful and it is very consistent.

8. He does not pretend: he does not portray himself to be somebody that he is not.

9. Visioner: He must have a vision and a plan as he progresses in life. He would not live everything to chance.

10. Discern him: Every human has the ability to know what or who is good and bad at first contact. Particularly women possess an innate ability to decipher what could cost or benefit them at first contact.

The problem is many do not make use of this ability, probably because of ignorance or fear or selfishness.

For example, you meet a guy for the first time and you lose your peace and joy for no reason, there is something not just right and you cannot explain it?

This is a communication in the spirit that when ignored can cause serious pain in the future.

B. 10 things to look out for before asking her to Mary you.

Like I said earlier, the fear of God is a non-negotiable quality that a lady must possess before you seek her hand in marriage. However, there are other IMPORTANT attributes she must be known with which will help minimize trouble in your home.

These include;

1. Love: Don’t ever marry a lady who doesn’t love you or whose love for you is uncertain. You will thank me for this.

2. Helpful: The chief ministry of a woman towards the man is to help the man achieve his goals. Watch the role she plays anytime you seek to achieve something. Does she get involved or she just sits and watch you go through all the stress alone.

Now, her help is not limited to money alone. Motivation, advice, prayers, support, believing in your goals are all part of the help she must render to you.

If she is not supportive during courtship, she won’t be in marriage. Don’t marry her.

3. Teachable: Any lady who is not teachable is not going to make a good wife. She must be ready to learn from you and others.

4. Enduring: Now, this is very important. When the chips are down, you need a woman who would go through the storm with you without nagging you to death.

How else can she do this if she doesn’t have the virtue of patience and endurance?

5. Management Skills: There is no gainsaying that women are good managers of resources than men.

It is important that your woman is a good manager of resources. She should eschew waste and help manage whatever comes to the home.

If she is a heavy spender, you are in trouble, I repeat, you are in trouble.

6. Respectful/Honoring: I wonder what you are doing with a woman who does not respect and honor you or other people? Don’t marry a disrespectful woman.

7. Clean: This is so important. If she’s the dirty type, she will drive you into the arms of another woman with her dirt.

How can you be feeling nausea just because you kissed your wife? Lol

8. Receptive: A woman who is not receptive and accommodating will make you a lonely man. This is because she will drive away friends and family, business partners etc. with her attitude. Be careful with such women.

9. Productive: You also need a productive and hard-working woman too. Laziness is not a good virtue you want in a woman trust me.

10. Emotional: this sounds funny, but if your would-be-woman is not emotional towards anything, you are in trouble, a very big one. Lol.

Thank You for reading.

Originally posted 2020-06-29 13:59:04.

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