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10 Best Ad Campaigns of all time

Marketing campaigns help increase profits and brand awareness. It is also an opportunity to improve the loyalty of the target audience and market share. Various tools can be used to achieve these objectives. They include SEO, email, ATL and BTL advertising, SMS, and telemarketing.

In the XX century, advertising was no longer something new and uncharted. It is safe to say that this was the period of its flourishing and revolution. Simple ideas and uncomplicated slogans allowed brands to sell really big.

The XXI century has already changed the way a brand communicates with its audience. New promotion channels and advertising models began to appear. Implementing targeting to evaluate the number of views, clicks, and conversions is now possible. To succeed in the advertising business, you need to keep up to date, try out new technologies, and react instantly to any changes.

We should look closer at the best marketing campaigns that have had a significant cultural impact on humanity throughout history.

«Think Small», 1959

The Doyle Dane Bernbach agency conducted this campaign. The advertising slogan and the poster created for it is now recognizable everywhere and makes you think about the way of life. Breakthrough ideas can drive sales forward. Volkswagen presented the small, short “Juke”, later symbolizing frugality and modesty.

«Just Do It», 1988

The ad campaign was an international hit then, propelling the Nike brand into the market leader. Back in 1988, the sales of goods reached only 800 million dollars. However, 10 years later, the amount exceeded $ 9 billion. A short, cheerful slogan contributed perfectly to the campaign’s success.

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«The Man Your Man Could Smell Like», 2010

Specialists at the Wieden+Kennedy agency learned that many men use women’s shower gels. Therefore, they came up with the idea of making a commercial with actor Isaiah Mustafa targeting women.

«The Absolut Bottle», 1981

The Absolut Vodka brand decided to go international in the early 1980s. The TBWA agency began to develop creative that combined the shape and silhouette of the “apothecary” bottle. The shape of the bottle itself was transformed into a subject of creative inspiration. The ad became one of the most iconic in the world.

«Enjoy Presentations», 2021

The ad shows how it’s actually easy for teams to create presentations and work on them together right in the Canva app. The video demonstrates a team working with a presentation 20 minutes before a meeting, using Canva features and templates.

«Does She or Doesn’t She?», 1957

Clairol’s marketing experts set out to have the effect that every woman on the street would stop saying she uses hair color. They wanted girls to understand the uniqueness and quality of the product. In other words, no one could say whether the lady was using the dye. The action was very successful – the state removed the mandatory hair color line from the driver’s license.  

«Thank You, Mom», 2010

As part of Procter & Gamble’s advertising campaign, the agency Wieden & Kennedy designed and produced a series of videos about athletes’ journeys and their mothers’ roles.

«A Diamond Is Forever», 1948

De Beers built an industry based on the idea that a diamond ring was a necessary luxury. In doing so, the value of diamonds was increased tenfold.

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«Where’s the Beef?», 1984

The company Wendy’s set a goal in a marketing campaign to question the presence of meat in its competitors’ burgers. The phrase quickly became popular, bringing everyone’s excitement to the surface.

Campaign for Real Beauty, 2004

The Ad campaign from Dove changed the perception of human beauty. After that, many brands began to move toward naturalness in advertising.

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